18 February 2010


Sometimes I feel so isolated because of our situation, and I'm sure Rachel does too. Having a special needs kid has changed a ton of things in our lives, one of which is getting out on our own and even just doing some normal things like going to church. Being that we got pregnant so soon after moving down here we hadn't found a church to plug into and with all of Isaiah's surgeries, both trying to keep him healthy before them and recovering after. It has sort of prevented us from really finding that fit. We never used to have to worry about child care before, let alone finding a church that could handle Isaiah. We had such a great community back up in Minnesota and while we have Rachel's parent's down here and all of our friends on the Apert listserv we've really been missing the personal interaction with people around our own age.

The church we seemed to visit the most before Isaiah came along has popped back up again and we met with their child care coordinator tonight over some coffee and just simply getting out and talking with her was like a breath of fresh air that put a little wind in our sails. Its been hard for both of us, especially in these last few months. Rachel is home with Isaiah and really only gets to interact with doctors and nurses and since I was laid off I really miss working with people around my own age. Don't get me wrong, the people at my new job are great, but I miss the social aspect at RPA. What I'm really trying to say is we don't get out much and its starting to get to me. Rachel and I have had maybe 2-3 date nights to ourselves in the last year and luckily we have one coming up this weekend, but we need more. It's partially our own faults for shuttering ourselves in with Isaiah for so long, but its also hard since we've only been down here a little more than 2and a half years and don't have that friend base and built in community to fall back on. Making friends is work sometimes and it

12 February 2010

Snow Worries!

Woohoo its snowing here today and actually sticking somewhat. I got out of work a couple hours early and we took Isaiah outside to experience the snow some. He enjoyed it a ton and below is a picture of me teaching him how to catch some flakes on his tongue. It's prefect snow for a snowman and a snowball fight. My neighbor Josh and I may have one later on tonight if his wife can make it home before sunset to watch the kids.