10 April 2010

Phew! Glad that's over!

Its officially officially, we received a letter from Medical City Dallas yesterday stating we no longer owe anything on Isaiah's last surgery. I honestly have to say this is mainly due to Rachel's tenacity. It's been a four month ordeal that finally seems to have some closure.

After months of calling insurance, various departments in the hospital, writing appeals letters, letters to the CEO, CFO, CMO and various board members at Medical City and sending them an email blast its finally done. This was Rachel's full time job while juggling taking care of the little guy and I think she just ended up making more this year than I did. I know how much she hates making those calls and how frustrating it can get, but we look at it as her 'making' money for the family since its less money that actually goes out of our pockets. So far she's made nearly $70K for us this year between the Hospital and a bunch of other smaller bills she's gotten written off or reduced. Not too shabby for 4 months if you ask me.

What really made it happen was a combination of things. Firsties it was the appeals letter we wrote that ended up netting insurance paying quite a bit more but our concurrent letters to the bigwigs at MC Hospital, or actually the direct email with a pdf of the letter we sent them earlier got them moving. I managed to figure out the hospitals email protocol and figure out some of the higher ups emails and I feel that really helped us cut through some of the bureaucratic red tape to get them to put our account on hold and review things. Before we even heard about the results of our appeal letter Medical City had sent us a letter stating they would write off a good chunk of the bill and we would only owe about 25% of bill which was good, but not great. Literally a day later, or possibly even the same day Rachel was checking online and saw insurance was paying more of the hospital bill. Since what insurance was paying was more than what MC was going to accept from us we hoped that would be the end of it, and eventually that was the case.

Anyways its done with and that's a good thing. We actually knew about this back on April 1st when Rachel received a voicemail from someone at Medical City, but being that it was April Fools Day I just felt like we needed to wait for the letter to come in the mail before we wrote about it here. Wohoooo!

04 April 2010