28 April 2011


For those of you wondering we made it through the storms last night unscathed. A little less sleep than normal, but everything intact. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We're hoping all of our friends in the SE, especially those in and around Tuscaloosa and Birmingham are doing alright.

03 April 2011

Just Push Playground

Wohoo the roof has been fixed, and for the whopping sum of $25! The guys that came out first for an estimate said it was a nail that had backed its way out and punctured the two layers of shingles and patched it up lickety split. That's great! Now all I have to do it fix the water damaged ceiling and insulation.

Of course since something went well, something 'bad' had to happen too. We were outside playing, enjoying the nice spring weather that Georgia offers and I notice a bunch of flying termites coming out of the ground by the carport. I guess we should've had termite protection all these years after all. Yet again one of those things that drops by the wayside worrying about insurance and surgeries. It should easily be fixed / controlled, just a pain, and more money out of our pockets, but that's the joy of being a homeowner! Oh and did I mention the dishwasher is on the fritz again?

Anyways on to the real reason most people read this, Isaiah! He's been becoming rather fearless as of late. We walk over to the school across the street to use their playgrounds and he's become a climbing machine. Its been great stair therapy for him and I help him on the arcing ladder which is great extension and muscle building stuff for him. He loves the slides, especially the twistee ones. He runs from one playground to the other, which scares us sometimes because there's a vast expanse of concrete and Isaiah doesn't quite have his balance mastered yet and tends to trip and fall. We had our first major scraped knee, arm, and elbow, as well a little bump on the noggin. I think he got more freaked out by us freaking out that our million dollar baby may have hurt himself. Part of it is just us having to let him be a kid and not bubble boy him to death, but its been a struggle sometimes. He seemed to brush it off pretty well, but his elbow scrape seemed to start stinging because of the pollen on the playground equipment so we went home soon after. Today we went for a walk at Roswell Park and they've got three playgrounds there too. One for 2 and under thats fenced in, another for younger kids and then this three story climber with something like 6 or 7 slides off of it which is where Isaiah wanted to be, which stressed out Rachel and I to no end. Seriously he just started going down slides by himself in the last couple months because he didn't like it or would hit the back of his head at the bottom since he wasn't quite sure how to stop himself, now he wants to go down a three story tube slide that daddy can't fit in? Anyways, lots of fun! At least he's not afraid to try new things.