26 September 2010

Something's Fishy

Today was FOCUS Day at the GA Aquarium. We were lucky enough to be one of the 700 people let in early and got to roam around the aquarium from 9am until the doors opened to the public at 10. It was SOOOOO nice. Isaiah got to sit in front of the big window there for a good 15 minutes and we didn't feel like we were hogging the glass since there were so few people there. He didn't seem too enthused by the penguins, but he did enjoy the otters this time around. As always we had to spend a good 10 minutes in front of the waterfall. One of these days when we actually have money to spare (I can dream right?) I'll build a pond with a waterfall and stream for the guy to play in. He just loves water that much. The plus about that is bathtime has gotten much easier.

Back to the Aquarium... Isaiah's getting to the stage where he wants to walk everywhere by himself rather than sit in the stroller, which is good because it tuckers him out and we usually can get a good nap out of him, but it's also bad because he usually doesn't like holding our hands and wants to run off like any other typical kid wants to do. Today was so cute because he actually put his hand out for me to hold as we were walking toward the big underwater tunnel. He's finally getting it!!! The FOCUS Day also had a catered brunch in the Oceans ballroom which was pretty cool too. Lots of yummy french toast, biscuits and gravy, and Isaiah's favorite, grits!

25 September 2010

The Good Life

So lately things have been relatively good with Isaiah. I say relatively because I don't want to jinx myself. Its funny how little we post when all is well and how there are flurries of posts around the bad and stress filled events in our lives. He's been making good progress with speech therapy and approximating more and more words. He's got this cute little sound he makes when counting things. He just points to each item in succession going 'Dee' ... 'Dee' ... 'Dee' He's starting to recognize more things in his color and shapes book like stars and hearts. He can pretty much approximate all of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse regulars and point them out. While 'Mih-E' is still his favorite 'Dah-O' and 'Ooh-E' aren't far behind. He says 'A-E' for Daisy and 'Ni-Ni' for Minnie and can point out each and every one of them including Pluto. It's just so exciting to see the wheels a' turning as this kid learns more and more. He's really gotten into his Duplos he got for his birthday lately too. Last week he really started stacking and clicking the blocks together by himself and they've been great counting and color tools as well.

All this good stuff comes with a little frustration too. He really does well catching on to watching Daddy do something and trying to do it himself, but when he can't get things to work he gets frustrated and throws a mini temper tantrum which usually ends up with him throwing every single block or car or whatever he was trying to do on the floor and then pushing it further away from him on the floor until he calms himself down. Usually these tantrums are fairly short lived and the good thing is most times he goes back and picks up the block or what not and tries again a short while later so it's not completely discouraging to him. Most times the tantrums are because something isn't exactly as he wants it. We're hoping it doesn't develop into more OCD-like tendencies, but being somewhat of a perfectionist about certain things is okay. It makes me realize he knows what he wants and even though he blows up, he comes back and tries to tackle it again. Here's to hoping he keeps up that mentality.