23 June 2011

CCA Retreat

Well we finally made it to the hotel and settled into bed at about 2 am this morning after being stuck in traffic for three hours about an hr south of the city. The interstate was shut down due to a hazmat truck crash and we all got shoved on a little side road which took forever!

So far we're enjoying the symposium. We've had only one session so far and we're looking forward to meeting a ton of new people the next few days.

21 June 2011

We're still here...

... in Atlanta for the next couple days at least. Sorry for the lack of pretty much everything for the last couple months. We've had a bunch going on and I just never seem to remember to post when I actually have the time.

Later this week we'll be heading up to Louisville, KY for the Annual CCA retreat. (CCA = Childrens Craniofacial Association) They've helped us out by giving us a scholarship for the room and event cost as well as some gas money so we can go for the first time. It'll be great to meet more Apert families as well as many other people coping with other craniofacial issues all while gaining a some practical education at the symposium.

It's getting a bit crazy to think that in a little more than 3 weeks Isaiah will be 3 years old!! OUr big push right now is still speech as he's pretty severely delayed. He's on a big book reading kick which is good, but now I'm feeling the pain of reading the same 5 books over and over again. We've been doing counting books and while he knows his numbers (We can get him to point to the right number 90% of the time when we ask) he still can't say them yet. We're breaking down words into their phonetic sounds and getting him to try to make each of the sounds and then say the whole word. He'll do his best attempts on the sounds, but rarely comes through with the whole word as of yet but we'll keep trying. He does pick up things here and there. Just last week he randomly was saying "Daniel San" after a marathon of Karate Kid movies was on TV in the background as Rachel and I were cleaning the house. He hasn't said it much since, but it was kind of funny. Rachel's also been trying to get him to do the motions for "wax on, wax off."

The kid is a natural performer and enjoys making people smile when he does things. His new thing is showing off when he's had his nails clipped. He'll hold out both arms in front of his body and flick his wrists down so you can see his nails. It's a bit effeminate looking, but its gets a good laugh at how proud he is at his clean, trimmed nails.

Anyways back to work. I hope to remember to post more often!