15 May 2010

09 May 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Here are a couple of Pix of Isaiah with his various mothers!

Rachel of course

Grandma Hanthorn

Grandma MA Kolis

02 May 2010

May Day!

Isaiah is a walking machine now! To think little more than a month ago he just started walking and now he's starting to run all over the place! Its getting hard for us to keep up with him. Its so funny now to come home from work and have him stand up and run over to me, but its still so odd to turn the corner and just see him standing there after 21 months of crawling. We're learning fast this walking thing has meant he gets into things more and more now. His reach has now doubled in height and he's grabbing things all over the place. His latest interest is reorganizing the DVD's, but only the R-S ones that are just above his eye level. He repeatedly pulls them off the shelf, gives them a good look, like he's pondering which one to watch, and usually either brings them over to us on the couch or tries to put them back in the shelf. He's also intrigued by the refrigerator door. We've got a freezer on the bottom setup so every time we open the fridge when he's in the kitchen he comes over to check it out. He's gotten smart enough to know when to duck when we go to close the door, its kind of funny to see. I don't even have to tell him to duck anymore! He's also climbing on the couch now, so the cat is no longer safe anywhere.

He's learned more signs as well, the latest being 'open'. Think of pretending to hold a book in your hands and twisting them like you're opening the book. Isaiah has his own version where his arms are about shoulder width apart sticking straight out doing a sort of 'jazz hands' like repeating twisting motion. He does it at the front door and the gates we have up in the house. Its all part off the open and closed thing we're trying to teach him right now. He loves closing drawers and doors right now, and is almost a little OCD about it in the kitchen amking sure everything is close or that the drawers are pushed in all the way. He loves closing doors on people when they are standing in the doorway and thinks its hilarious when we yell ow!