28 December 2009

The Playroom

So we spent much of the Christmas week cleaning up after bodily fluids. First I was sick Monday night and tuesday, then come Wednesday night Isaiah seemingly got what I had and has almost got it licked. Lets just say from Wednesday through Christmas Day (3 days) Isaiah probably had about 15 changes of clothes, 5 baths (one at 3am on Christmas day) and two complete strip downs of the crib. He's doing much better now and has kept everything where its supposed to be and at what consistency its supposed to be at for almost 24 hrs now.

With the bounty of gifts Isaiah got for Christmas taking over the living room I got the brilliant idea of converting our Den / Guest Bedroom into Isaiah's playroom so I spent the bulk of Sunday cleaning the room from head to toe and reorganizing the furniture. Somehow, even though all the same furniture is in the room and the ball pit has returned home to the Den it seems way bigger than before. It is also helpful to be able to contain the toys a little bit more, especially the rogue ball pit balls that would spread from living room into the entry and the dining room. Now we just have to watch out for them when we pass through the Den on the way to the kitchen for Isaiah's mid-night milk runs.

We've learned today that we need to keep pants or leggings of some sort on Isaiah at all times. He was getting caught up on some pants that were a bit big for him so Rachel took them off and not 15 mins in to being in a diaper and t-shirt he had figured out how to peel off his diaper and then proceed to evade mom and dad as we chased him around the playroom floor only to catch him just as he began to 'christen' his new foam playmat (better than the rug I say). Rachel and I just started hysterically laughing, which made covering him up that much more difficult. We may have some fun this summer with some extra tape on the diapers or something else when it gets really hot because I think this boy wants to be naked as much as possible and will do everything in his power to get, and stay, that way.

25 December 2009

19 December 2009

Christmas is Coming!

As you've noticed we've had a few picture updates on the blog recently and not much else. Its been a busy last couple weeks for us getting ready for the holidays, but really not much exciting going on in our lives. Isaiah's starting to get more and more gabby which is good. He can say mama, dada, and has lately started saying baby although its more like baaaaay-be. He's getting more and more vocal every day which is encouraging to us. Now that my back is doing a bit better I've been able to play on the floor with him more and all he wants to do is crawl back and forth over me. It's kind of funny actually because he'll get a point sometimes where his legs are off the ground but he hasn't got his arms out in front of him yet so he's kind of floating on me like a teeter totter. He's continuing his torture of the cat who has now pretty much grown intolerant of Isaiah and has started hissing at him so we have to watch out for that. I think the cat doesn't like that Isaiah is now faster than he is so he's pretty much got nowhere to hide anymore.

There are a ton of pictures from the last few months holed up in my camera and I'm aiming to get them uploaded by the end of New Years weekend when I have some more time. In the meantime enjoy out mobile uploads.

18 December 2009

16 December 2009

12 December 2009

Coffee and Pickles

Coffee and Pickles are not a good combination, just so you all know. I didn't feel like cooking up a full breakfast this morning while I was up with Isaiah, so I just grabbed a couple things out of the fridge and boy does my stomach regret it.

Anyways Isaiah has been doing great lately. He's pulling himself up on everything now as you could see in last weeks video and luckily he's left the tree alone, but not the cat. He's figured out how to turn on and off his keyboard and the tv too (much to our dismay) . Plus he's crawling around like crazy now. We're talking supersonic fast.

Yesterday was an interesting day for him. He first learned to mimic Rachel's 'Muah' when she gives him a kiss (or blows one at him) and now he's reciprocating it back. It's absolutely adorable. Completely opposite of that he also had his first big temper tantrum yesterday. He went ballistic, kicking, screaming, crying, and hitting when Rachel and I were trying to keep him from attacking the cat. If you didn't know Oliver, our cat, is around 14 years old, and starting to slow down. Before Isaiah could climb up on things Oliver was safe sitting up on the couch cushions. We'll its not the case anymore. Isaiah and I were playing on the floor and then I saw the look in his eye when he saw the cat. We see this determined look quite a bit lately, and when it happens he'll do whatever he can to get what he wants. Well, I put my leg up on the couch so that Isaiah could still stand up against the couch and my leg, but not reach the cat. He did not like this. At first he gave out a little whimper cry that he does to let us know he doesn't like something or something is in his way. He then tried to push my foot off the couch and when that didn't work he started hitting my foot and screaming. Rachel grabbed him and tried to calm and distract him, but he kept kicking and squirming his way out of her arms and crawling back to the couch and my leg, starting the whole process over again. We knew he was tired and that was part of it, but when Rachel took him to the bed he still was putting up a fight. A little good and and a ton of bad yesterday.

06 December 2009

Happy St Nicks Day

A little tradition on the Kolis side of the family is to celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. We put out our shoes and overnight St. Nicholas stops by and fills them with candy and presents. My family the presents are usually an ornament of some kind. The little video above is Isaiah m0re interested in the video camera than his St. Nick's Day presents under the tree!