12 April 2014

New Addition Edition

So we haven't had much excitement to write about lately.  It's been relatively back to 'normal' life for the past few months in the Kolis house.  Isaiah has had a sleep study, a couple colds, and a nasty bout with the stomach flu, but nothing crazy.  He's lost his first two teeth, both bottom front ones, and his 6 year molars are already coming in too!  His speech articulation continues to improve and so has his behavior for the most part. 

The big news that's coming is that he's going to be a big brother in less than 2 weeks!  He's moved rooms to our former Den and baby Christopher is going to take over his old room soon.  We've tried to get him involved as much as possible and have been trying to prep him as much as possible.  You never know how he's going to react sometimes with the autism and all, but so far everything we've talked about and done so far has gone over relatively well.  He's helped paint the nursery, pick out a new lovie stuffed animal blankie for the baby, and has practices feeding and changing the diaper of his cabbage patch kid who he has now named 'Baby John.'  We'll see how it all goes when the baby is actually here, but it looks promising!

More updates to follow as Isaiah becomes a big brother!