29 November 2008


We did end up taking Isaiah out shopping with us yesterday afternoon. We're mainly looking to upsize to a queen bed from my grandma's old full size so Rachel and I can have a little more space now, and enough space for when the thunderstorms come when Isaiah is a bit older. We were pretty amazed at how few shoppers were really out and about in the afternoon and of all the places we went, we ended up spending the most at Target. I guess you can't take the Minnesota out of us yet! (target's headquarters are there and there seems to be one every other exit from the hwy) We did find a bed we liked at Crate and Barrel that was fairly afforable and may go back tomorrow to get it. Then we have to get the matress and all, but we're looking at a platform bed so we won't need a boxspring since its got a flat bottom already. My Mom gave us a bit of an early Christmas gift with a bit of money to use toward that and some of the other things we need to get around the house since our money has been mostly diverted to Isaiah's needs and the mortgage. We'll probably be buying a shed soon to get the lawn mower and things out of the basement.

Anyways he did real well out and about which is always good since it helps Rachel to be able to go do errands when she's alone with him during the week.

28 November 2008

Day After Thanksgiving

No we're not out at the sales. Somehow I think try to navigate the madness in our big ol' limo sized stroller with him would not be a good time. Traffic in a car in Atlanta can be frustrating enough, I don't want to have to deal with it with people and a stroller. Anyways, we've got another video for you all to enjoy. Isaiah doesn't say much, but you do get some cute pouts and a couple of smiles mixed in with his snorts...

26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We've got so much to be Thankful for this year! especially all of the help and well wishes we've received from all of you. We've got a healthy baby boy, with a couple of major issues, but all things that can be dealt with in time. We're so happy and lucky to have him. We're finding out fast that there are some great people down here that have offered their ears, their arms, and their wallets to us. We've got great support almost nationwide too! So as a quick little sign of thanks we've got this little video for you all to see the little guy in action.

24 November 2008


Oh, we've had a few people ask us recently about visiting, or if we're 'stress free' enough to let people other than our families come visit or if Isaiah is healthy enough for visitors. Obviously from the last few posts he's definitely healthy enough. While we're definitely not stress free, Mom and Dad are doing alright to have a few people come by every once in awhile though we'd prefer not to make our (disheveled) house a parade ground. If you would like to come by and don't mind a cluttered house leave a comment or email us (the comments come to our emails) and either Rachel and I will get back to you.


Okay okay okay, I've promised these for long enough, and since I'm back awake tonight I figure I can at least get them online. Not everything is captioned or culled through for the repetitive or embarassing shots of Mom and Dad (yet that is) Enjoy!

You can find them all here and I'll update the sidebar soon.

The pictures include what we've got from the Benefit Concert October 4th, through Halloween.

I hope to get a video up soon of Isaiah 'talking' but that most likely won't happen until next weekend.

23 November 2008

More good news

Saturday Izzy had his 4mo check up with Dr. Leonard, his pediatrician and got another round of immunizations. He's officially 15lbs 13oz (the 16lbs earlier this week was with his clothes on) I didn't catch his height, but both his height and weight are in the 75th percentile. His head circumference is 41cm and is only around 25th percentile, but its still growing outward which is good. The doc said he's doing pretty much everything a 4 month old would except turning himself over, but she did say that its not much to worry about yet. Next month we get to start adding some rice cereal to his diet and at 6months we may even start him on the jars of food. Its all pretty exciting.

Yesterday night I had a good break and got to go to an Atlanta Thrasher's hockey game with my neighbor Josh. I'm a huge hockey fan if you didn't know already, and its a close third on the things I miss about Minnesota behind my family and friends. The Thrashers lost, badly, but it was still good to get out and do a bit of yelling at a sporting event. Today Rachel and I had a bit of a more civilized respite going to the Opera here in Atlanta. We saw La Cenerentola (Cinderella) and went back stage with Rachel's Dad and got to meet much of the cast. It's always interesting and still a rather new experience for me, but still a good break. It got Rachel and me out of the house for about 5 hours and helped us feel a bit more normal again, which is always good.

18 November 2008

We're still here

Sorry for the lack of posts. It just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day for everything we need to do sometimes. FYI if you sent a check to Bands for Baby that hasn't been cashed yet, don't worry, it soon will be. The person maintaining the account for us has been traveling a bunch lately and hasn't had a chance to get to the one bank that the account is in, but she should be doing so soon.

As for Isaiah, yesterday was his four month Birthday and he had a ball of a day (at least what Daddy saw last night) We didn't really do anything special, but he's been a happy bubbly baby lately. He's starting to 'talk' a ton more lately and he's got smiling down pat. Occasionally we now wake up to his giggling instead of crying.

He went to the neurologist last week who says his brain is developing quite well and that Mom and Dad are doing a great job. His muscle tone in both his arms and legs are good, but he's favoring his right arm some and the back of his head is still a bit too flat. He's already 16 lbs! (with his clothes on) and almost too big for his car seat. He's almost doubled his birth weight which usually doesn't happen until 6 months. All in all he's doing good and has hopefully his last CT scan for awhile today to be sure that the risk of Hydrocephalus after his craniotomy is done.

03 November 2008


I finally found the camera cord and got the photos onto our computer. Now I just have to upload a month's worth of photos! I've got a sleep study tomorrow to help figure out what's wrong with me and an MRI on Thursday. I haven't let everyone know personally yet, but we've been dealing with a bit of stress lately (go figure on what!). Rachel has been handling it pretty well, but my lack of sleep the last 3+ months has really caught up with me and its been a rough last couple weeks for me hence the lack of posts. My main problem is I stay up worrying all the time since I've never had to provide for a total of 3 people all by my lonesome, but I know I just have to trust in God and know that we will be provided for somehow. We're doing better now and we just need to pinpoint some of the things affecting me so I can be put on Ambien or whatever else I need to be on to get some sleep.

We completely jinxed ourselves with the sleeping through the night post as he hasn't done it since. He is pretty much down to just waking up once a night though, which is still really good. He giggled the first time the other day for Rachel, but I've yet to hear it. He is smiling a bunch more now and is much more vocal, both in his crying and cooing. Its been awhile since we've been to the doctor with him and we're sort of getting used to not having to run around all the time with him which has been nice. Its almost like having a normal baby minus the heart monitor which we hope comes off soon.