10 January 2011

Snow Day!

More snow fun! Well we're on lockdown because of the snow. It may not look like much to our friends in the North, but just think about this. There are 8 salt trucks in the state of Georgia. Eight! None of them have a plow. Therefore we're not driving! Now I know the state has brought in some outside help, but still, we've been having a bit of freezing rain this morning and there's a good 1/8" to 1/4" crust of ice on top of the snow as you'll see in the video. He handled the snow a little better than in Wisconsin, but because of the ice we're not sledding or doing a snowman. Instead I brushed off the top of the sandbox, took off the lid, and let Isaiah help give our driveway some traction!

09 January 2011

Snow Kidding!

Just had to share. All of this had fallen in the course of an hour here at the time of filming. Isaiah's been running around the house screaming. It may not look like much right now, but this is already a ton for Atlanta and we may be in for as much as 8"!

oh an because I can, I hadn't taken the Christmas lights down yet and had to light them up since the bushes look so nice covered up in the snow.

I hope all my southern friends are staying safe and warm at home... Enjoy!

08 January 2011

New Year - So far, so-so

A week in and the new year seems to be going about the same as last year. Not the best year ever of our lives, but nothing much to complain about either. Isaiah is still trying to get over his wheezing asthma that flared up about a week before Christmas, but we definitely hear less junk in his lungs now. The other day he actually helped us percussor his own chest. The percussor, if you don't know, is a little flexible plastic cup that we lightly beat on his chest and back to help loosen up the junk in his lungs and make coughs more productive. It was just cute to see himself trying to do that to himself. He's really been getting better about taking his meds lately and putting up less of a fight. His breathing treatments were a struggle when we had to start increasing them, but Grandpa Kolis' gift of Bearry White, Jr (a white stuffed bear) helped us since we had Isaiah help give Bearry White his breathing meds too.
New years day we had breakfast with Rachel's Grandma and Aunt and Uncle and his the road to Cincinnati where we visiting my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Conrad and my cousins Ed, Frank, and Miriam. We spent a few hours there most of which was spent by Isaiah climbing up and down a half level of stairs and chasing after their dog Penny, and headed back on the road for home. We got home late, but the house and all was still here!
It was tough to get back to work this week after a whole week off, since I was just starting to get relaxed again, but I'm very happy to still be working. Anyways it looks like we'll be getting some snow tomorrow night and being forced to stay home may give a me a good chance to get some more photos uploaded.!