31 March 2011

Our little Pool Shark

Here's a little video I took a few weeks ago with Isaiah on Grandma and Grandpa Hanthorn's Pool table. He loves to play around on it!

29 March 2011

27 March 2011

When it rains, it stains

Yeah yeah yeah, not as catchy as when it rains it pours, but still true none the less, at least at our house. Looks like we've got a roof leak staining our ceiling in the entry portion of our living roof. It started small with a little brown spot on the ceiling when my Mom was here earlier this month. Since its right near the wall and perfectly in line with the outside eave vent I figured it was from some blowing rain getting up in there. After yesterday and last night's rain I'm not so sure since the winds weren't that bad, we just got hit with a good amount of rain. The stain just about tripled in size overnight which means its getting worse. I crawled up into our attic to see if I could see anything but basically I just shined the flashlight around because I'm a bit too big to get all the way out to the eave with our low roof pitch and I don't especially want to pull down the drywall right now. Our roof is in decent shape, or so we thought, but I do know our gutters are starting to fall off the house, which could be part of the problem too. I've been putting off the gutters since we need new fascia boards and some areas of eaves too and those need to be done first or at the same time as the gutters. All this deferred maintenance is catching up with us. Ahh the joys of being a homeowner.

Anyways, Isaiah is being a typical 2 year old full of fits and bad attitude. Well maybe more than the typical because we're looking into seeing a neuropsychologist who deals with behavioral issues and developmental delays. We know some of the spats are from the fact he's got the verbal communication skills of an 18month old and he's frustrated, but sometimes they're just for seemingly no reason at all.

We also learned that he's developed a real fear of thunderstorms after last night's storms rolled through. He's been a bit under the weather since Friday morning and last night got up from the thunder and then began projectile vomiting all over the living room and bathroom. I'm talking three to four feet here. Gross I know, because both Rachel and I had to deal with the aftermath of it all. We know he was under the weather, but it may also have been some nerves adding to the whole wrong way exit of dinner from his body. I know I used to get very upset during thunderstorms when I was younger.

20 March 2011

09 March 2011

Best laid plans

Well so much for my New Years resolution. 2 months later and I still don't have photos up and they're mounting. Its takes the little free time I have on my birthday to sit down and write something. We always seem to be busy lately, mainly just trying to keep up with the two year old. This kid is into everything and has been in a screeching phase for the last month plus which has been putting Rachel and my eardrums through some enduring times. Partly its due to his communication frustrations, but mainly its because he knows we hate it and he gets our attention. He is making some progress in speech though as yesterday he had his first two word 'sentence' by saying "lights on" in his bedroom. Speech doesn't count things like "Thank You" because to kids in their minds its just one long word since the two words are always together. Lights On is a big step in him piecing things together to help tell us what he wants.

My Mom came to Atlanta last weekend with her bf Jody for a little early Birthday present for me and to see Isaiah. We ran around to the Zoo and Aquarium and went to the Opera while they were here and we got to meet GA Governor Nathan Deal and shake his hand. Pretty neat, but nerve wracking a bit. I'm still not used to all the schmoozing and stuff that goes with going to the Opera, but it can be very interesting sometimes as my Mom and Jody could tell you! Other than that excitement it was great to see family and get some O&H danish from home and some Usingers Brats.

Today Isaiah was fit for some orthotics one his feet to help him evenly place the weight of his body across his whole foot rather than just the outsides. Many Apert kids have a bony growth on the pads of their feet that pushes their feet to do this and hopefully the orthotics will help spread the weight and not cause other issues for him up the legs and hips. Its just some special shoes and inserts that shape to his feet rather than braces at this point, but hopefully they do the trick.