24 October 2008


We're finally getting abit more sleep now. Isaiah virtually slept through the night for the first time on Tuesday, from about 9pm to 7am, but he's yet to repeat the feat to my chagrin. At least he's usually only waking once a night now though, so there's still hope!

Anyways his development is coming along quite nicely. He's figured out he can move his head on his own now and enjoys looking around the room a bit. He's also loving the fact he can make his bouncy seat bounce all by himself. He just gets this huge smile on his face nowadays like he's proud of his accomplishments, however small they may be. (Both Rachel and I get that big smile on ours the same time too!)

We're constantly amazed at how happy and bright he's become since the craniotomy and hopefully it was done in time to prevent, or at least reduce the amount of developmental delays he may endure.

I've been fairly busy and was back in Minnesota last week for my Buddy Steve and Erin's weeding and we have another wedding this weekend here in ATL, but I promise I will have those benefit concert photos up soon!

14 October 2008

Good News

We are negative for Hydrocephalus again! While that is good news on its own, there is better news. Since it hasn't shown up yet, there's a very good chance it won't at all, so we won't have another CT to monitor it for another month, and then 6 months after that so things are looking up.

Rachel and I we're able to get out of the house tonight for a much needed 'date.' We went to go see the Thrashers play the Minnesota Wild here in Atlanta thanks to some free tickets. It was nice to get out a bit and scream and yell. Plus it was like when Rachel and I were first dating and I started introducing her to hockey taking her to the games I had in my half of our Wild Season tickets back when we lived up there. We sort of felt normal for a little bit there, and then a wave of tiredness hit us both at about 9pm and we barely made it through the rest of the game, but I can't leave a hockey game early, especially a MN Wild game! The Wild won 4-2, which was an even greater gift!

Now we need to go get some sleep.
Sorry no pics yet. Brian's been sick since about Thursday night and it got real bad over the weekend. We'll get them up as soon as we can.

In other news Izzy's got another CT scan today to check on the hydrocephalus. Hopefully it comes back negative again. We've already had to stop feeding him since they think they may need to sedate him today since he's a bit older and more active. Hopefully the pedialyte will hold him over until 1pm otherwise Rachel's in for a long morning.

09 October 2008

Post Concert Update II

We're still getting donations in it sounds like so we don't have a 'grand total' yet. Karlee is thinking though that it'll be in the $3500-$4000 range, which is great! Also the last band, the Mike Watson band, apparently took off one of their drum heads and signed it for Izzy, as did some, if not all of one of the other bands, the Rhythm Raiders. Its pretty cool and will go well with all of the other music stuff I have from my days in radio. We'll be hanging it up in his room though, but it's still pretty cool.

I haven't had a chance to download the photos yet as work has been very busy this week for me and I'm starting my flex time / part time job today too. We'll have them up this weekend for sure though.


So good news, lately he's been sleeping more and more through the night. We haven't gotten to a full night yet, but the other day he was down from 8:30-5am! Both Rachel and I were like ' did you get up in the middle of the night to feed him and not wake me up?' but nope, he slept that long. That was Monday night and the last couple nights have been pretty much the same.

Rachel's been trying to side sleep him to work on the flat spot on the back of his head. Our Physical therapist from Babies Can't Wait gave her some good pointers that help keep him from wiggling out of it. She also gave us this special chair to sit him in since his legs are getting a little 'froggy'. Its basically designed to help keep his legs more in vertical alignment with his body than to allow him to end up a bit bow legged which is where he is starting to lean a bit.

Development wise he's still swatting at toys very well, he's getting more and more tolerant of tummy time and now reaching for his toys starting to make crawling like motions, but going nowhere as of yet. He's also cooing more which has been fun to hear him start communicating more than crying or grunting.

05 October 2008

Post Concert / Welcome!

Well all in all Rachel and I are beat, but we had a great time at the benefit concert yesterday. Isaiah lasted out there way longer than we even expected and was able to stay from about 3-8pm. If you're just first coming here after getting the blog card at the concert you can scroll back and get more of the story about Isaiah. There are a bunch of picture links on the left hand bar and we'll have some from the concert up soon. Welcome!

There are just so many people to thank for yesterday I barely know where to start. First and foremost, I want to thank Karlee Brown for all her help getting this organized and put together. I've barely known her for more than a year and only from work, but its great that people like her exist and want to help us. She's the one that brought everyone together and really made the day possible. No matter what anyone else thinks, this day was a complete success to us. It doesn't matter how much money we raised on that one day, we've gained so many new friends and extended family members now that want to help I know we're in good hands for years to come.

I also want to thank the American Legion - Red, Max, Dan, Barry, and there was at least one more I think was named Carmello. I understand they've raised quite a bit of money for us already and it sounds like they'll be part of our extended family for quite some time. They were security for the day, and great guys all around.

The bands were great too, Mojo Hand, The Loose Shoes, BSG Project, Rhythm Raiders, and the Mike Watson Band. The music was phenomenal, I had to stay to the very end and take it all in. I want to thank them all for sharing their time and gifts with us all.

I also want to thank all the volunteers that helped make the day possible, many of them my co-workers, Karlee's family and friends, and even the Mayor of Mountain Park and their Fire Department and EMS. There were a ton of local businesses and restaurants that donated items for the raffle which also sounds like it was very sucessfull!

Last but not least, thank you to everyone that came out yesterday. There may not have been thousands of people there, but it sounds like everyone who came was very generous. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and maybe we'll try and make this a yearly thing if we haven't burnt out Karlee too much in this process.

We'll know the full total of the proceeds come Tuesday, but thank you EVERYONE for your help and generosity!

03 October 2008

Day before the concert

Rachel and I are excited for tomorrow's concert to see how many people turn out. I've put up some flyers at local usinesses by our house, Hannah (Rachel's sister) put some up at her work at the Trade Secrets in Cumberland and North Point Mall and I'm sure my coworker Karlee has got them up all over.

In other news its been a rather quiet week. He did have an audiology appointment on Wednesday and his left ear is better, but still not passing. He still has a little fluid it there and as the Doctor made an analogy to it, its like he was fully congested before and not he's a bit stuffed up, but still not clear. His right ear is still just fine. He was cleared to start his Physical therapy again and had an appointment yesterday which I still need the download on from Rachel.

I've been super busy at work even though they did have to let a few people go on Tuesday which has us a bit worried since I'm the only income right now. Hopefully my busyness continues and I get to keep my job. I'm not super worried, but with things as they are now, there's always a chance.