30 October 2009

Big D 10/30/09

We got the word earlier today from Dr Fearon's office that we are pretty much a go for surgery so we are going to make the trip out to Dallas. Isaiah is not a 100% yet, but he's trending upwards and hopefully should be fine by monday when we get the official go ahead after all the preop stuff. If I had to guess I'd say we're 97% certain the surgery will go as planned.

Rachel and I are already pretty worn down even before we started packing. Rachel was sick last week into the early week, and I'm getting a stress cold, and with Isaiah being sick we've been doing nebulizer treatments 7 times a day (xopenex every 4 hrs, and a double dose of pulmicort in the evening between xopenex doses) which doesn't allow much time for sleep. We're also sticklers for trying to get as much of the billing stuff figured out ahead of time with all of the doctors so we don't have a surprise in 3 months when the EOB comes from insurance saying they're not covering something which has Rachel on the phone all the time instead of catching up on her z's. We've got most of the doctors lined up with letters of agreement with insurance about what they will get paid. The hospital is in process again, but at least this time we won't be surprised with the infamous "how will you be paying the $10,000 out of network deductible today?" question we got a checkin for his last finger release. Out of the 7 or 8 doctors that'll be used the only ones not locked in yet are anesthesia and the PICU doctors which are rare to get figured out ahead of time anyways. We're feeling pretty good, but we know this one will be the biggest expense to date for us surgery wise.

Luckily we get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning with the time shift, and hoepfully we get to relax a bit on the drives with visits with other Apert families in Birmingham and Shreveport.

24 October 2009

Isaiah Sandwich 10/24/09

So this is what Rachel and Isaiah were up to last weekend. They went over to Beaufort, SC to celebrate Isaiah's Great Grandma June's 80th B-day (she's the one on the left if you couldn't guess!)

Thanks for the picture Ramona!

23 October 2009

Rachel's New Do 10/23/09

So Rachel and Isaiah ran into someone in the parking lot outside of the Carter's store by Perimeter Mall a couple months back who was inspired by Isaiah and his journey and happens to be a hair stylist, so she offered to give Rachel a free haircut, foils and all. Well yesterday Rachel finally took her up on the offer and has a nice new short hairdo as you can see from the picture above. It's the shortest I've seen Rachel's hair since we started dating over 6 years ago, though I think it may have been this short when we first met freshman year of college. Its super cute and she absolutely loves it so we thought we'd plug the stylist who gave her the cut as a form of thanks.

Her name is Deborah Bibb and she works out of the BlowOut Salon in the Vinings Jubilee Shopping Center on Paces Ferry Rd for those of you in the ATL area. She did such an awesome job we thought we'd try to send some some business her way! Thank you Deborah!

The Countdown Begins 10/23/09

Isaiah's next surgery is less than 2 weeks away now and this is our last weekend before making the trip to Dallas for his Cranial Vault. We unfortunately aren't going to go trick or treating this year since we'll be in the car on Saturday so we can make it to Dallas in time for his pre op appointments on Monday November 2nd. His surgery will be on Tuesday the 3rd. We had a great idea for his costume, one that would totally date him, and probably most people would be like huh? We thought it would have been cool to dress him up like Chef Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes on Food Network, aka the guy that makes the crazy cool cakes and owner of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD. I've kind of thought they've got some similar facial features and totally the same demeanor. I was planning to paint on a little goatee and darken his eyebrows and put him in a little white chef coat or hockey jersey and a backwards baseball cap which Duff wears on the show a bunch. I've got an artist's depiction below of what could've been...

On second thought looking at that, maybe we're better off. He does kind look a bit creepy with dark eyebrows.

17 October 2009

Where'd we go? 10/17/09

Sorry about the long lapse between posts. My new job has been good and keeping me very busy. I also threw out my back a couple weeks back and haven't been up and about much, but its doing much better now.

Anyways, on to the important things that have happened in the last 3+ weeks. Isaiah's been making some pretty big strides lately. The last Monday in September he finally started started acting like he wanted to crawl. Mainly it was the bringing the knees up under him, and then collapsing as he tried to move forward. Not even a full day later Rachel calls me at work all stressed out because Isaiah is driving her crazy getting into everything and crawling all over the house. It took him little less than a day to master crawling, which while great, scared the crap out of us because we had been lazy and had yet to babyproof everything and get gates. As soon as I was home from work we ran out to Babies'R'Us and bought a couple gates and cabinet locks and all of the other good stuff you need. Lately he's even starting to pull up on things already and sits on his knees a bunch now.

The other big news is that Isaiah has cut some teeth now. He has 1 tooth cut on both the top and bottom (both the front center right) and at least 2 more on their way to cutting through in the next couple days (both the front center lefts) Since they started coming in he hasn't been liking the pureed foods and being fed by me or Rachel and only wants to feed himself. He's had lots of cheese, cereal, bits of bananas, avocado and the like. While it now takes easily 2-3 times as long to feed him, we're extraordinarily happy he's feeding himself and enjoying it so much. He's learned the sign language gesture for 'more' and uses it all the time. We've got to start working on some more signs so we can differentiate what he wants (food, milk, juice, etc) but he's off to a good start, and it'll come in handy for post surgery next month when we won't be able to go off his visual cues as much while he's swollen during his recovery.