27 January 2010

New Pix!

Wohoo, the new compy makes downloading pictures a breeze! So enjoy some of our goings on from the last month. Just click here! Included in the album are pictures from Grandpa Kolis' visit and our trip to Disney World last week among the normal stuff. There are a few of Isaiah hanging out in his new playroom, just look for the wood paneling. Enjoy!

I'm still working on the video side of things and hope to be able to post some things by early next week.

26 January 2010

Coming soon to a blog near you...

(the one you're reading right now) ... more pictures and hopefully more video. Our computer came yesterday and slowly transferred most of the data from the old computer I affectionately call 'Genesis.' The new computer should actually allow me to edit videos to upload to the web much faster and easier. The old computer would take over an hour to compress things down from our camcorder. This one will also allow me to download our camera pictures much easier so the Disney pictures from our trip last week should be up in a couple days rather than a couple weeks since its hard to find a couple hours of continuous time when you've got the little one running around.

Isaiah has been doing good, and has been starting to test our patience a little more. We know he knows what 'No' is and has been giving us a little smile after we say it now. Rachel just started trying to do time outs for things like harassing the cat and hitting, etc. We'll see how that goes. We also finally got the okay to continue Physical Therapy again which will be good to get him back on track for some things. He's still got some squishy bumpies on his head, but they are slowly going down and hardening back up.

13 January 2010

The $67,000 Pyramid

Dick Clark here, okay not really. I'm just in a bit of a goofy mood lately. Stress tends to do that to me sometimes. Anyways, we got some fun mail today a bill for over $67K from the hospital in Dallas where Isaiah had his last surgery in November. Apparently our insurance and them are not seeing eye to eye, or should I say network to network since for some reason this time it's getting processed as out of network. We're not paying $67,000 as of yet though. We're going to go through the whole appeals process, and I know we've said we have that as an option in the past for big bills, but it never got to that point. This time, I think it will. Oh the joys! See where the stress is coming from?

I've been trying to keep it light lately because for once Rachel is more worried about something than I am (and I'm the one with anxiety issues!) She feels like she's taking on the insurance company all by her lonesome, and that's no easy task. I try to help where I can, but my help isn't that great all the time. At least we have a little jaunt to Disney World next week for a much needed 5 day vacation that should do us some good. I've got to figure out a way to smuggle in a party sub so we don't have to pay for food... just kidding, the oil and vinegar dressing would just get too messy, plus we always have to get a pretzel in Germany at EPCOT, and some ice cream from Mrs. Pott's in the MK.

We really are doing okay over here, and we're fine in the money department for now, please don't worry about that. Check back in a year from now when this whole appeals process has taken its course though! In the meantime thoughts and prayers, and magical powers over insurance claim processors are greatly appreciated.

12 January 2010


So here's the news I sort of teased about a couple posts ago. We've got a new car! Yes, not that truly exciting, but hopefully as soon as we sell it you won't have to hear the worries and woes of the Toyota. It's a hard car to part with since it's been Rachel's car since she graduated college and was the first car that was really her's, but we needed a bigger car for our trips to Dallas and Orlando and it doesn't hurt to be ready should a little brother or sister come along someday down the road. We still have the Corolla, so if you know of anyone in the Atlanta metro looking for relatively cheap transport let us know!

The new car is actually a ' new to us' car. We got a great deal on a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe with under 15,000 miles and three years / 45,000 miles left on the warranty which give us a little peace of mind on car repairs. We were pretty amazed at what we were able to get for the money considering we've been looking on and off for 6 months now. For the same price as some of the used 2007's we were looking at 6 months ago that were reasonably equipped, we were able to get one with a Sunroof, heated seats, roof rack, bigger engine, and fold away third row of seats. The sunroof and heated seats are nice bonuses, but the roof rack can come in hand for our road trips and the third row of seats makes it easier to take just one car when people visit from out of town and future additions to the family! (Rachel and I have had baby fever for about the last month)

We got a good amount of financial help from my parents, but we've been scrimping and saving for a good while ourselves. I'm just happy that we have a really safe car that we can grow into, rather than grow out of. I had hoped to get a couple better pictures, but its nearly dark by the time I get home from work still, so enjoy the grainy cell phone picture below!

National De-Lurking Days

I heard about this from Marie, mother to another child with Apert Syndrome, Jack who's blog you can find here or in our sidebar to the right. I also apologize to her because I pretty much grabbed the text below from her.

Apparently, January 10-12 are National De-Lurking Days. For those of you that don't know a Lurker is a person who reads a blog or listserve or forum or whatever but does not actually comment. If you don't actually comment on the web, no one ever knows you are there except us savvy bloggers. We know you are there because you appear in our stats but that's just a set of numbers, not names!

We know you're out there! Maybe you've thought of commenting but did not want to leave your personal information out there on the internet for everybody to see. No problem! We allow anonymous commenting.

Maybe you have thought of leaving a comment but don't know how. All you do is move your mouse so that your pointer is over the picture of a speech bubble or the words "post a comment" or "remarks" at the bottom of each post. There might just be a number and the word "remarks" like "2 remarks". Then you click the left button on your mouse once.

If you decide to post anonymously please just leave your name in the comment box so I might have an idea of who you are. If I know you already, nice to see you here. If I don't know you yet, it's nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better.

We're supposed to give you some encouragement to comment so here's a suggested topic. Tell us your biggest blessing / good thing going at the moment, or feel free to write whatever you like in the comments.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

11 January 2010

New Pictures

I did do it New years Weekend like I said I would, but somehow forgot to post it on the blog that I've upload a batch of new photos of Isaiah spanning from September to December of last year, including a few pictures post surgery. You can visit the full web gallery of the photos all the time from the link in the upper right corner of the page under the slideshow, but if you just want to see the new ones I just uploaded click here.

Isaiah has been doing pretty good lately. We're over the bug that dogged us over Christmas, but the living room carpeting has yet to recover fully. He's starting to bear crawl more and more and he's been starting to take Frankenstein-esk steps while Rachel or I am holding him upright. We're thinking he might be going through another growth spurt again because he's eating like crazy most of the time and usually wakes up at least once in the middle of the night to chug down a bottle of milk. The playroom is working out nicely and I'll try to get a couple photos of it up tonight. Isaiah seems to love it and the Living Room looks so much more grown up again with only a few toys and his keyboard sitting out there now. We've learned quickly that containing messes is the key to keeping things looking cleaner! Its nice to be able to close the doors to the den and shutter off the mess and relax a little in the living room. Just all the clutter everywhere was really starting to stress us out. Both Rachel and I feel like we are constantly cleaning and I have a feeling this will last for a good 16+ more years.

We've got more exciting news to come soon! Well the news is exciting to us, and sorry to burst the bubble grandparents, it is not another grandchild as of yet. I hope to post more soon!