31 December 2010


Well its soon to be a new year and while we've been busy as a family we've been thankful that its been relatively uneventful compared to the last two years. There have been the normal ups and downs that everyone experiences, but all in all its been a pretty decent year. I've wished I would've posted more and always said I would, but never seemed to find the time. I've also realized there's been no major picture update in over 6 months and part of my New Years resolutions this year is to get back to updating the blog more.
Right now I'm sitting in a Courtyard Marriott in Lima, OH after we surprised Rachel's Grandparents with a visit on our way back from visiting my family for Christmas. Its been a nice trip, but after a quick stop off in Cincinnati tomorrow to see some more of my family we'll be happy to be sleeping in our own beds again.
Anyways until I get to keeping my resolution you can always catch updates from Rachel and me on facebook. Happy New Year!