04 September 2011

All work and no play...

..is no fun of course which is why yesterday we bought Isaiah a playground/swing set for the backyard. We pooled up all of his birthday money, saved and scrimped ourselves this whole summer and got a great deal this weekend on a nice wood playset for Isaiah. It won't be delivered until Friday but we're excited. It's got a little tower with operable windows, a slide, rock climbing wall, telescope, steering wheel, a trapeze like swing and a couple of standard swings. The best thing of all is that its got a wooden roof. We learned very quickly with our canvas roofed gazebo/cabana that very few fabrics can handle the pine cone grenades that fall 40-50 feet from our pine trees, not to mention any branches that might fall.

In development news Isaiah is starting to talk more and more. Still its just word approximations, but its getting better. 'Cheese' & 'Shoes' are still the clearest, but he's getting there with other words. He can approximate most numbers up to ten and identify them all, and his alphabet is coming along nicely. School is going pretty well. He likes to go which is great and we can tell he's picking things up. He's also getting better at opening things and using his hands. Just yesterday he figured out how to open a regular round doorknob. He was able to do the levers for awhile now, but he's just figured out how to rotate the round knob with both hands and push or pull at the same time. We're excited, but also know that he'll get into to more things now and we'll have to remember to lock the bathroom door, but those are well worth the advances in his development