27 August 2009

Nice Dreams 08/27/09

So Isaiah had his first ice cream cone tonight. We've been walking with our neighbors a bit more regularly this week, and after our short little jaunt through the neighborhood tonight we decided to head over to our neighborhood Bruster's Ice Cream. They apparently give away free baby cones to kids 40" tall and under, so we got one for Izzy. Just plain old Vanilla, and surprisingly, he wasn't that into it. Seriously it was maybe the size of a soup spoon full of ice cream crammed atop an itty bitty cone, but it was free and he did eat about half of it. The other half was split roughly equally between Isaiah's face and Rachel's stomach. We totally weren't thinking and didn't take a picture, but it was pretty cute.

I was worried the sugar would keep him up since we got it just before his normal attempted bedtime of 8pm. We rarely get him to sleep that early, and are usually lucky to have him asleep by 9 most night, but he seemed to go with only a little fight tonight and has been sound asleep since just after 9. There's really nothing quite like the sound of a sleeping baby...

24 August 2009

Finger / Kickin' Good 08/24/09

So I'm a day late with the finger and toe pictures, but click on the picture and you'll go to the Picasa site to see them in all their current glory. Still a little scabby and surgical, but they'll clean up nicely in a few weeks!

22 August 2009

Freeze or Burn, All Else is Only Icing 08/22/09

I swore I dashed off a quick post the other day, but I must not have.

Wednesday night we took off his arm casts and got to see his 10 fingers. They're still pretty swollen and scabby, but all the grafts took and things look good. His right hand is shaped almost as if he's gripping an imaginary golf ball in his hand whereas his left hand is a little flatter seeming. It's too early to tell how well they will work, but once we're done with dressing changes we'll be able to start trying to get him to grip more things. He's already holding his own bottle again and manipulating things up to his mouth with both hands which is great. He's still not wanting to stand up much and doing the 'air sit' when we pick him up and he's still holding out his legs as if he were sitting on a magic carpet. He's pretty strong because he can do that for a good while.

We drove up to Chattanooga yesterday. We followed my Mom up there on Friday on her way back home to WI and we stayed the night there. We went to Ruby Falls yesterday which I swear has just about as many billboards along I-24 and I-75 as Wall Drug does in all of South Dakota. It's this cool cave tour with a 140 foot tall underground waterfall. Unfortunately the waterfall is more than half a mile into the cave, and no strollers were allowed. We figured now's the time, because he's only going to get heavier, so we carried him for over an hour and 1.25 miles (we had to carry him back out of the cave after all.) There were plenty of narrow passages, drippy wet floors, and spots where even Rachel had to duck so it was interesting. We made it through, and Isaiah was great until we got into the gift shop at the end, but Rachel and I were the only ones that could hold him. We tried to let my Mom carry him for a bit, but he started getting fussy and we didn't want to risk a meltdown so we did the whole thing. I thought it was worth it to see his face at the waterfall, Rachel's still deciding if it was worth it or not, but either way we know we're not carrying him in any cave for that long of a time again. We hit the Chattanooga Choo Choo shops and museum today and said goodbye to my Mom there and drove back home. Fun but tiring, and I head back to work on Monday.

Oh and the title, its referring to the fact we now have a nice new fridge in the kitchen. I had to modify our cabinets a bit to get it to fit and vent properly, but its big, bright, we've got plenty of room for food, and don't have to worry about waking up to frozen milk and creamer and half thawed popsicles.

18 August 2009

Halfway there 08/18/09

So the leg casts are off and his ten little toes look great. There was very little gunk this time compared to last time and the skin grafts are healing well. I'm just excited to do the 'this little piggy' stuff.
We've started in on the dressing changes and have moved up taking off the arm casts to tomorrow since my sister leaves for Minnesota tomorrow night and we wanted her to be able to see all ten of his fingers. Once those are off I'll have pictures of his hands and feet posted by the end of this weekend for all to see. They're still a little raw looking, but we just need to share!

16 August 2009

The Pianist - 08/16/09

FYI I'm going to put the post date into the title until I can find the time to figure out the programming for the date so you don't think I'm writing about today 2 weeks ago (though it would be nice to have that kind of foresight)

So we're realizing rather quickly that Isaiah got the music genes from both of us. He seems to appreciate his Dad's (my) quirky taste in music and was bopping around to some Finnish Hip Hop / Electronica while I was cleaning the house in preparations for my Mom and Sister coming tomorrow. He's also quite the piano player. Rachel's got a nice keyboard that does all the drums, 150+ different instruments and plays full songs and the like. He sits there banging away, turning on and off the drums, changing instruments, making the keyboard play Celine Dion's "My heart will go on." It's all pretty amusing. I did get some of it on the camcorder and will see if I can figure out a way to get it online. His casts barely even slow him down.

Our fridge is dying now. Yet another thing to add to the litany of 'little' problems that seem to keep coming lately. It's freezing some things in the main compartment, and not cooling some things enough and the compressor makes some awful noises about 1 in every 10 times it kicks on. So we hastily bought a new refrigerator today and it's being delivered on Thursday. Nothing fancy, just a simple white refrigerator, but we went with a bottom mount freezer. Personally I like them better from remembering my Grandparent's fridge in Itasca, IL back in the 80's and thinking it was the coolest thing ever that I could get my own popsicles, which I hope to let Isaiah do sometime in the future too!

11 August 2009

quick update

I've still got to pour over the code for the date problem with the new look, but I've got less time to do it now since I've found a new job! Only 3.5 weeks fully unemployed, with one of those being Isaiah's surgery week. I'm actually working today already at a nice small architecture firm 5 miles from home.

Isaiah's been super crabby lately and we're trying to figure out why. He's gotten used to the casts again, and his separation anxiety, while still there sometimes, has diminished some. I'm wondering if his teeth are bothering him since he has yet to cut one. Its hard to tell if he's running a bit high temp from having the casts on right now, or from teething. Soon enough though we'll get it figured out since the legs come off monday next week and the arms are off on thursday. I can't wait to see his little fingers and toes.

Got to get back to work

10 August 2009

New Look (Again)

So with my spare time right now, I've been updating the look of the blog to a more permanent style than the interim one we had during this last surgery. This one should stick and be pretty simple to work with.

All the sidebar elements are now on the right with a handy link to our online photo album right underneath the slideshow. Most of the other links made it over there as well and the labels and archives are there too. A new little handy dandy feature is when you click on a posts title it opens the post and shows all the comments below and gives you an easy url to copy if you'd like to email a specific post to anyone.

I know the post dates on the main page aren't working properly right now and I'm working on fixing that, but if you've got any problems finding things, or find links not working, please let me know in the comments.

09 August 2009

Settling In

So we ended up getting back late on Sunday night. I think Rachel and I have spent the rest of this week trying to catch up on sleep. He's not sleeping through the night right now, partially because of the casts, partially because he's stuffy. He's usually up 2-3 times a night right now and has been getting up at 6:30am every morning. We've been switching off who takes the early shift and then letting them nap later in the day.
We accidentally left Paulie, his puppy blankie, in the hotel in Shreveport and luckily the Hurds were able to ship him back to us. We now know we need to find a better exact match because Isaiah was too smart and realized our makeshift replacement was no match for the 4 nights he was without. We're off the pain killers right now and he's back to swinging his appendages around like weapons, but no bruises, black eyes or bloody noses as of yet. He actually has been doing really well compared to last time other than sleeping. He's tried to pick himself up to a standing position while in the casts, but can't for lack of grip, but he has finally been able to transition from laying on his back to sitting up on his own. He's also wearing holes in the heels of his casts right now from banging his feet all over the place. Part of me still can't imagine banging may hands and feet around like he does after having so much surgery done only little more than a week ago.

01 August 2009

on the road again

I swear the rain keeps dogging us this whole trip? Is it monsoon season or something? Anyways, we did start the drive home tonight, but we only made it about a quarter of the way to Shreveport. We were planning to stop here to visit the Hurds, whose son Aiden was born 2 weeks after Isaiah, and also has Apert Syndrome. We stopped off at a hotel to meet with them, and because of all the rain decided just to stay. Shawn, Aiden's dad, was nice enough to get us a free room and breakfast, so it was hard to pass up getting a bit more rest, especially since I really don't have work to get back to right now to rush home. The Hurd's are great and Aiden is so cute. he just had his first stage of hands done by Dr. Fearon a little while ago and was crawling all over the hotel lobby and standing up with the help of the nearby furniture. Isaiah seemed to like him too and it seems like he has a new friend! We've got some great pictures that we'll post when we get home.

Isaiah has been handling the trip decently. The first couple hours he was fine and just slept, but he was throwing a fit in the rain storm and we thought it would be good to take it easy the first day. It's only 7pm, but he's zonked out in the pack and play, but he did play for a good three hours while we visited in the lobby which wore him out pretty good. After all he had surgery only two days ago. Compared to the last time though, he's doing great. Already eating solids, smiling, and playing way more than the first go round.

We're going to shoot for Tuscaloosa or Birmingham tomorrow and be home monday during the day.