13 June 2010

Isaiah's Covert Mission: Animal Crackers

I'll let the video speak for itself...

06 June 2010

Spinning Wheel

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: that's pretty much the best way to sum up the last 24 hrs. The sweat was no big deal, just a ton of yard work in the heat and humidity yesterday. The blood and tears are another thing.
To start it off, last night we had Isaiah's long overdue sleep study to see if he will need additional surgeries to clear his airways, check for apnea, and see if he may need a CPAP or other breathing assist at night. We were not looking forward to it. We know how crazy Isaiah is in his sleep and that's partially why he's still sleeping in a crib since he thrashes about so much. He had something like a dozen different wires mainly attached to his head, a pulse ox on his toe, bands around his belly, and a breath sensor taped under his nostrils. Needless to say he wasn't too happy and was up seemingly half of the night crying in frustration and annoyance. He really hated the breath sensor to the point when we were holding his hands he would try to get it off his face with his tongue. At least he's creative and determined enough to figure something out, but it sure made for some fun.

We were out of the hospital a bit after 5:30am and made it back home by 6. We then tried to get some more much needed sleep by sleeping together in the big bed in our bedroom which worked for a couple more hours until Isaiah decided to thrash about and head butt Rachel square in the nose causing one hell of a bloody nose. We're talking faucet of blood folks, enough to make me super squirmy and panicky. We initially thought her nose might be broken, but so far the swelling has stayed down with ice and there's very little bruising at this point, but we'll keep watching it. After all, it is Rachel's "only part of her face that she actually likes." I'll probably get a little tongue lashing for adding that in, but I thought it was too funny (not the whole injury thing, just what she said about her nose)

So Blood, Sweat, and Tears. You say that's enough for anyone in a short amount of time right? Oh it gets better.

Since we were so overtired from being up half the night and jolted awake by Isaiah's tactical maneuver we needed coffee and lots of it. I was going to make a full pot of coffee, 12 cups worth. I filled the machine with coffee and water and like Ron Popeil says 'set it and forget it.' We're watching tv in the living room and five minutes later Rachel hears something and we go to look into the kitchen and see the lovely coffee pot spewing scalding hot coffee AND grounds all over the kitchen. On the counter, in the silverware drawer, down the face of the base cabinets and streaking down our lovely not so level floor. Apparently since we have a thermal carafe instead of the usual glass one we only have a 10 cup coffee maker, despite the fact there's a 12 cup fill line.

To top it all off while were cleaning up the remnants of the Exxon Valdez spill in the kitchen we hear a thud and Isaiah starts crying. Turns out he slid off the couch awkwardly and bit his lip, not the worst thing in the world, but it just added to the stress.

It feels like we're living in some sort of tragic sitcom right now and you are the live studio audience laughing away, but it feels more like a season ending cliffhanger at the moment than a nicely wrapped up 30 minute show. We're literally afraid to leave the house right now for fear of what else will go wrong be it a car accident or our house exploding or catching fire. I think we'll just ball up in a corner for the rest of the day rocking ourselves back to calmness...

04 June 2010


Sorry about the lack of writing posts lately. I was pretty busy at work and we had another family trip over the holiday weekend. My goal is to get some video up this weekend, but then again when do I ever meet my goals.

In other news Isaiah is getting big! Yes he is almost 2 years old now! Its really hard to believe for us. Today I spend much of the evening working on adding items to his amazon wish list for birthday presents. We've added a bunch of things, some of which are truly wishes (like who's going to buy him a $650 outdoor playhouse/slide setup), but its fun to think up some of the things that will hopefully bring that beautiful smile to his face on a daily basis! We'll be updating it more in the coming weeks, but if you want to check it out click here!