04 September 2011

All work and no play...

..is no fun of course which is why yesterday we bought Isaiah a playground/swing set for the backyard. We pooled up all of his birthday money, saved and scrimped ourselves this whole summer and got a great deal this weekend on a nice wood playset for Isaiah. It won't be delivered until Friday but we're excited. It's got a little tower with operable windows, a slide, rock climbing wall, telescope, steering wheel, a trapeze like swing and a couple of standard swings. The best thing of all is that its got a wooden roof. We learned very quickly with our canvas roofed gazebo/cabana that very few fabrics can handle the pine cone grenades that fall 40-50 feet from our pine trees, not to mention any branches that might fall.

In development news Isaiah is starting to talk more and more. Still its just word approximations, but its getting better. 'Cheese' & 'Shoes' are still the clearest, but he's getting there with other words. He can approximate most numbers up to ten and identify them all, and his alphabet is coming along nicely. School is going pretty well. He likes to go which is great and we can tell he's picking things up. He's also getting better at opening things and using his hands. Just yesterday he figured out how to open a regular round doorknob. He was able to do the levers for awhile now, but he's just figured out how to rotate the round knob with both hands and push or pull at the same time. We're excited, but also know that he'll get into to more things now and we'll have to remember to lock the bathroom door, but those are well worth the advances in his development

19 August 2011

15 August 2011

Big Boy!

Well first day of school today - PreK that is, but he's at the big boy elementary school across the street from our house from 7:15-11:50 5 days a week! We all went through a bit of separation anxiety this morning and I think Rachel has been taking it the hardest. After spending nearly every waking hour of every single day with Isaiah for the last 3 years it's hard for her to let go and let someone else take the reigns, even if it is just for a few hours. I'm taking it on the chin a bit as well. His little pouty face when we said goodbye this morning would probably even make Chuck Norris cry. We hope it'll be great for his development all around. Socially and speechwise should keep progressing at a good clip. We both worry a bit about bullying since he looks so different and is sooooo small compared to the rest of the school age kids. Hopefully he's just too young for that right now, plus they are sort of insulated in the Special Needs Pre-K area.

23 June 2011

CCA Retreat

Well we finally made it to the hotel and settled into bed at about 2 am this morning after being stuck in traffic for three hours about an hr south of the city. The interstate was shut down due to a hazmat truck crash and we all got shoved on a little side road which took forever!

So far we're enjoying the symposium. We've had only one session so far and we're looking forward to meeting a ton of new people the next few days.

21 June 2011

We're still here...

... in Atlanta for the next couple days at least. Sorry for the lack of pretty much everything for the last couple months. We've had a bunch going on and I just never seem to remember to post when I actually have the time.

Later this week we'll be heading up to Louisville, KY for the Annual CCA retreat. (CCA = Childrens Craniofacial Association) They've helped us out by giving us a scholarship for the room and event cost as well as some gas money so we can go for the first time. It'll be great to meet more Apert families as well as many other people coping with other craniofacial issues all while gaining a some practical education at the symposium.

It's getting a bit crazy to think that in a little more than 3 weeks Isaiah will be 3 years old!! OUr big push right now is still speech as he's pretty severely delayed. He's on a big book reading kick which is good, but now I'm feeling the pain of reading the same 5 books over and over again. We've been doing counting books and while he knows his numbers (We can get him to point to the right number 90% of the time when we ask) he still can't say them yet. We're breaking down words into their phonetic sounds and getting him to try to make each of the sounds and then say the whole word. He'll do his best attempts on the sounds, but rarely comes through with the whole word as of yet but we'll keep trying. He does pick up things here and there. Just last week he randomly was saying "Daniel San" after a marathon of Karate Kid movies was on TV in the background as Rachel and I were cleaning the house. He hasn't said it much since, but it was kind of funny. Rachel's also been trying to get him to do the motions for "wax on, wax off."

The kid is a natural performer and enjoys making people smile when he does things. His new thing is showing off when he's had his nails clipped. He'll hold out both arms in front of his body and flick his wrists down so you can see his nails. It's a bit effeminate looking, but its gets a good laugh at how proud he is at his clean, trimmed nails.

Anyways back to work. I hope to remember to post more often!

28 April 2011


For those of you wondering we made it through the storms last night unscathed. A little less sleep than normal, but everything intact. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We're hoping all of our friends in the SE, especially those in and around Tuscaloosa and Birmingham are doing alright.

03 April 2011

Just Push Playground

Wohoo the roof has been fixed, and for the whopping sum of $25! The guys that came out first for an estimate said it was a nail that had backed its way out and punctured the two layers of shingles and patched it up lickety split. That's great! Now all I have to do it fix the water damaged ceiling and insulation.

Of course since something went well, something 'bad' had to happen too. We were outside playing, enjoying the nice spring weather that Georgia offers and I notice a bunch of flying termites coming out of the ground by the carport. I guess we should've had termite protection all these years after all. Yet again one of those things that drops by the wayside worrying about insurance and surgeries. It should easily be fixed / controlled, just a pain, and more money out of our pockets, but that's the joy of being a homeowner! Oh and did I mention the dishwasher is on the fritz again?

Anyways on to the real reason most people read this, Isaiah! He's been becoming rather fearless as of late. We walk over to the school across the street to use their playgrounds and he's become a climbing machine. Its been great stair therapy for him and I help him on the arcing ladder which is great extension and muscle building stuff for him. He loves the slides, especially the twistee ones. He runs from one playground to the other, which scares us sometimes because there's a vast expanse of concrete and Isaiah doesn't quite have his balance mastered yet and tends to trip and fall. We had our first major scraped knee, arm, and elbow, as well a little bump on the noggin. I think he got more freaked out by us freaking out that our million dollar baby may have hurt himself. Part of it is just us having to let him be a kid and not bubble boy him to death, but its been a struggle sometimes. He seemed to brush it off pretty well, but his elbow scrape seemed to start stinging because of the pollen on the playground equipment so we went home soon after. Today we went for a walk at Roswell Park and they've got three playgrounds there too. One for 2 and under thats fenced in, another for younger kids and then this three story climber with something like 6 or 7 slides off of it which is where Isaiah wanted to be, which stressed out Rachel and I to no end. Seriously he just started going down slides by himself in the last couple months because he didn't like it or would hit the back of his head at the bottom since he wasn't quite sure how to stop himself, now he wants to go down a three story tube slide that daddy can't fit in? Anyways, lots of fun! At least he's not afraid to try new things.

31 March 2011

Our little Pool Shark

Here's a little video I took a few weeks ago with Isaiah on Grandma and Grandpa Hanthorn's Pool table. He loves to play around on it!

29 March 2011

27 March 2011

When it rains, it stains

Yeah yeah yeah, not as catchy as when it rains it pours, but still true none the less, at least at our house. Looks like we've got a roof leak staining our ceiling in the entry portion of our living roof. It started small with a little brown spot on the ceiling when my Mom was here earlier this month. Since its right near the wall and perfectly in line with the outside eave vent I figured it was from some blowing rain getting up in there. After yesterday and last night's rain I'm not so sure since the winds weren't that bad, we just got hit with a good amount of rain. The stain just about tripled in size overnight which means its getting worse. I crawled up into our attic to see if I could see anything but basically I just shined the flashlight around because I'm a bit too big to get all the way out to the eave with our low roof pitch and I don't especially want to pull down the drywall right now. Our roof is in decent shape, or so we thought, but I do know our gutters are starting to fall off the house, which could be part of the problem too. I've been putting off the gutters since we need new fascia boards and some areas of eaves too and those need to be done first or at the same time as the gutters. All this deferred maintenance is catching up with us. Ahh the joys of being a homeowner.

Anyways, Isaiah is being a typical 2 year old full of fits and bad attitude. Well maybe more than the typical because we're looking into seeing a neuropsychologist who deals with behavioral issues and developmental delays. We know some of the spats are from the fact he's got the verbal communication skills of an 18month old and he's frustrated, but sometimes they're just for seemingly no reason at all.

We also learned that he's developed a real fear of thunderstorms after last night's storms rolled through. He's been a bit under the weather since Friday morning and last night got up from the thunder and then began projectile vomiting all over the living room and bathroom. I'm talking three to four feet here. Gross I know, because both Rachel and I had to deal with the aftermath of it all. We know he was under the weather, but it may also have been some nerves adding to the whole wrong way exit of dinner from his body. I know I used to get very upset during thunderstorms when I was younger.

20 March 2011

09 March 2011

Best laid plans

Well so much for my New Years resolution. 2 months later and I still don't have photos up and they're mounting. Its takes the little free time I have on my birthday to sit down and write something. We always seem to be busy lately, mainly just trying to keep up with the two year old. This kid is into everything and has been in a screeching phase for the last month plus which has been putting Rachel and my eardrums through some enduring times. Partly its due to his communication frustrations, but mainly its because he knows we hate it and he gets our attention. He is making some progress in speech though as yesterday he had his first two word 'sentence' by saying "lights on" in his bedroom. Speech doesn't count things like "Thank You" because to kids in their minds its just one long word since the two words are always together. Lights On is a big step in him piecing things together to help tell us what he wants.

My Mom came to Atlanta last weekend with her bf Jody for a little early Birthday present for me and to see Isaiah. We ran around to the Zoo and Aquarium and went to the Opera while they were here and we got to meet GA Governor Nathan Deal and shake his hand. Pretty neat, but nerve wracking a bit. I'm still not used to all the schmoozing and stuff that goes with going to the Opera, but it can be very interesting sometimes as my Mom and Jody could tell you! Other than that excitement it was great to see family and get some O&H danish from home and some Usingers Brats.

Today Isaiah was fit for some orthotics one his feet to help him evenly place the weight of his body across his whole foot rather than just the outsides. Many Apert kids have a bony growth on the pads of their feet that pushes their feet to do this and hopefully the orthotics will help spread the weight and not cause other issues for him up the legs and hips. Its just some special shoes and inserts that shape to his feet rather than braces at this point, but hopefully they do the trick.

10 January 2011

Snow Day!

More snow fun! Well we're on lockdown because of the snow. It may not look like much to our friends in the North, but just think about this. There are 8 salt trucks in the state of Georgia. Eight! None of them have a plow. Therefore we're not driving! Now I know the state has brought in some outside help, but still, we've been having a bit of freezing rain this morning and there's a good 1/8" to 1/4" crust of ice on top of the snow as you'll see in the video. He handled the snow a little better than in Wisconsin, but because of the ice we're not sledding or doing a snowman. Instead I brushed off the top of the sandbox, took off the lid, and let Isaiah help give our driveway some traction!

09 January 2011

Snow Kidding!

Just had to share. All of this had fallen in the course of an hour here at the time of filming. Isaiah's been running around the house screaming. It may not look like much right now, but this is already a ton for Atlanta and we may be in for as much as 8"!

oh an because I can, I hadn't taken the Christmas lights down yet and had to light them up since the bushes look so nice covered up in the snow.

I hope all my southern friends are staying safe and warm at home... Enjoy!

08 January 2011

New Year - So far, so-so

A week in and the new year seems to be going about the same as last year. Not the best year ever of our lives, but nothing much to complain about either. Isaiah is still trying to get over his wheezing asthma that flared up about a week before Christmas, but we definitely hear less junk in his lungs now. The other day he actually helped us percussor his own chest. The percussor, if you don't know, is a little flexible plastic cup that we lightly beat on his chest and back to help loosen up the junk in his lungs and make coughs more productive. It was just cute to see himself trying to do that to himself. He's really been getting better about taking his meds lately and putting up less of a fight. His breathing treatments were a struggle when we had to start increasing them, but Grandpa Kolis' gift of Bearry White, Jr (a white stuffed bear) helped us since we had Isaiah help give Bearry White his breathing meds too.
New years day we had breakfast with Rachel's Grandma and Aunt and Uncle and his the road to Cincinnati where we visiting my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Conrad and my cousins Ed, Frank, and Miriam. We spent a few hours there most of which was spent by Isaiah climbing up and down a half level of stairs and chasing after their dog Penny, and headed back on the road for home. We got home late, but the house and all was still here!
It was tough to get back to work this week after a whole week off, since I was just starting to get relaxed again, but I'm very happy to still be working. Anyways it looks like we'll be getting some snow tomorrow night and being forced to stay home may give a me a good chance to get some more photos uploaded.!