31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Don't mess with this Sherriff!

29 October 2013

Playing 'Ketchup'

First off, surgery negotiations with the providers and insurance company are still in progress and looking positive.  It’s almost a full time job for Rachel dealing with all this, especially when certain provider’s staff don’t feel like they’re giving it much effort at all.  I guess we can expect some of that since we 'choose' to go to Dallas because of what some of the Doctors here in Atlanta did and were saying they were going to do, but to us its not really a choice.  Unlike 4 years ago Rachel is working now, albeit part time, but it eats up a bunch of time and is making her worried about having enough time to ready her mind for the surgery.  I don’t know if you ever can really get yourself psyched up for these things.  I think you can only try to clear your mind of everything else that gets in the way, but even that’s difficult at times.  We’ve been lucky to have a very supportive family and since we’ve finally found a home church here in Atlanta as of May 2012 it’s been a blessing to have extra prayers and support by way of our community group.

Looking back at the gaps in the blog it’s amazing to think about how much has changed with Isaiah in the last year or so.  As they happen they mostly seem so small and incremental that we don’t notice, but looking back compared to the snippets I’ve written he’s leaps and bound above where he was.  His speech is vastly improved.  He still gets speech therapy twice weekly but he’s getting clearer and easier to understand.  L’s and hard G’s still take some effort for him to say right, but he usually gets it on a second or third try.  His motor skills are doing well too.  He doesn’t even get Physical Therapy anymore for gross movement, but we're doing a good amount of OT still for his fine motor skills.  We still deal with getting him dressed as he still has difficulty getting shirts over his head and small buttons.  He can do zippers, but still has issues lining them up to start.  He's been able to pull up his undies and pants if they're elastic which means most of the time he can handle the bathroom by himself now too. They're even working on printing in school right now which has been going pretty well too.  Other than the physical stuff, he's only a bit delayed compared to normal kindergarteners but he's not too far off the curve.  They're even talking about transitioning him to the inclusion kindergarten class from the Autism room, but we need to see how he responds after the surgery first.

That's it for now...

24 October 2013

Back in the Saddle Again...

It's been over a year since we've posted anything worth much merit.  All in all that's been a good thing.  There has been little to report beyond an official diagnosis of Isaiah being on the low end of the Autism spectrum and starting Kindergarten this year.  Things are changing in short order though.  This Novemeber we'll be travelling to Texas so that Isaiah can have another cranial vault surgery done by Dr. Fearon.  It'll be his first major cranial surgery in nearly 4 years.  We've been very lucky that's his growth has been progressing nicely these last few years but his head growth has dropped off a bit recently, and that's why we're having the surgery.

  It's a bit strange right now to think that in a couple weeks we'll be back in TX.  4 years ago we had just finished his fourth surgery in under 18 months and it all seemed like old hat.  Now its sort of this Deja Vu like feeling like we've done this before, but not quite.  Our biggest worry is how to help Isaiah cope with things.  This is our first surgery where he can talk back, tell us what hurts, how he's scared and fight back.  We're really worried most about what this will do to his generally happy demeanor.  How do you explain to a kiddo that he has to go to the hospital to have something 'fixed' when nothing's really broken or hurting him?  We'll work through it I'm sure, but it'll definitely be different than the last time when he was barely even saying Mama and Dada.

I'm hoping to make these posts a bit more regular, at least for the time being since we still have a number of family members who aren't on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook and have been following along feel free to add us as friends, just drop us a personal message if we don't already know you.