24 May 2009

Bathtime fun!

Yeah for bath time fun! He's grown so much since our last video we realized, but in this one he gets to show off his 'new' fingers and toes! Enjoy!

23 May 2009

Last week in Review

We had a relatively eventful weekend last weekend since my Mom was in town Saturday through Tuesday to help with bandages and see the little guy! We've gotten into somewhat of a routine with the dressing changes lately and we're down to 10-15 minutes a change with 2 people and 15-20 when either of us fly solo (the wiggle factor is magnified on our own) When my Mom was here we went to the Georgia Aquarium again and bought annual passes since they pay for themselves in 2 visits and we also went to the ATL botanical gardens and my Mom bought us an annual pass for there as well. That way if we ever just need to get out of the house for a little while all we have to worry about is parking fees, plus we get discounts at the shops and restaurants and we can get visitors discounts on tickets as well. So if you're ever in or around ATL or need an excuse to visit there it is!

We've got a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks that I will try to get up by the end of the weekend here but I've got a ton of yard work to catch up on and I'm helping our neighbor drywall their new nursery (see why rest was in quotes earlier?) but they will be up soon enough. We also dug up the old camera and grabbed a little video of Isaiah in the bath splashing around with his new fingers and toes I'll get up before the pictures.

Bandages, Bandages, Bandages

Happy Holiday weekend everyone! I know I'm looking forward to the extra "rest" this weekend. I've had an old Hot Hot Heat song I loved back when I worked in radio stuck in my head. It's appropriately named "Bandages" and the refrain is great, but the verses don't necessarily apply. I've embedded the video below. I forgot how odd it was and the whole quasi plastic surgery thing in the middle is a little disturbing to me thinking about the mid face surgery Isaiah will have in 5 years or so, but the song still sticks in my head. So watch if you dare!

Watch more Make Up the Breakdown videos on AOL Video

14 May 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update tonight since we haven't written in a while. Isaiah is doing great. We took the last cast off on Tuesday night and are well into the swing of things with the dressing changes. His hands are really starting to look a ton better in the last couple days. The scabs / surgical gunk is starting to fall off showing the nice new skin underneath. When we took off the left cast we got to see a nice cute little pinky, his first fully separated finger. We got to see the fully separated thumb on his right hand last week when he took off his own cast, but this is the first fully separated finger and its kind of a surreal sight to see, but we love it. We've got pictures of all of them right after we took the casts off that I don't know that I'll post for everyone to see since they're kind of gross looking. We'll be taking 'nicer' pictures of his hands and feet soon to show you what he's got so far!

10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone, especially Grandmas Hanthorn and Kolis, Great Grandmothers Hanthorn and Hackler, and in memory of Great Grandma Mix and Great Grandma Rose. You are all in our thoughts today. Oh and Isaiah and I would like to wish Rachel a very happy Mother's Day as well, her first official one at that!

So after nearly a week of dressing changes on the right hand we've pretty much got it down. I think we're lucky we got kind of 'broken in' with just the one rather than all four extremities at once. Dr. Fearon said we could take the leg casts off at about 2 1/2 weeks if we wanted and since he's been kicking his legs like crazy enough to make the casts bend at his knees anyways we're going to take them off this evening after we get back from a late Brunch. We're still going to leave the left hand in the cast until Tuesday or Wednesday to kind of stagger things some and so its on for the full three weeks. We're doing the legs early mainly because we're kind of worried about getting all the dressing changes done at once since he barely sits still enough to get the one done. Hopefully, if we work this right, we'll only be doing all four at once for a week, week and half since the right hand is healing pretty well right now and we can stop the dressings on it once the skin looks good and clean.

We've been pretty tired lately too since Isaiah hasn't been sleeping through the night lately. He's been up almost every 3 hrs the last few nights and we can't figure out why. He was doing so well sleeping through the night the first couple weeks with the casts on even, but lately not so much. I don't know if its because his hand is out in the open now and he maybe is rolling over on it and it hurts some or what, but it hasn't been too much fun. From what I hear though, we've been pretty lucky at how well he's been sleeping in general up to this point so we've got to be thankful for that at least.

Oh and the blog has hit a mini milestone of sorts - this is post 100!

04 May 2009

Cast Away

So the little wiggle worm, AKA Isaiah, managed to shake off one of his casts this evening much to my dismay. We knew it was coming loose somewhat since the end of it had ended up down by his elbow and he just kept shaking it more and more. I was washing bottles in the kitchen and next thing you know Rachel is yelling so I come into the room only to see the little guy holding up his hand, pointing it at me almost as if to say, 'hey look what I found!' Me, being not so good with blood and wounds, even after 9months of this all, went into a little bit of shock before realizing we had yet to buy the saline and bandages we needed for his dressing changes since the casts aren't supposed to come off until a week from Wednesday. I made a late run to Walgreens and grabbed some contact solution and the other stuff I needed to get us through the night.
I want to let you all know, we've been told its okay if the cast come off early, we just get to start the process of changing dressings 3 times a day a little early. Plus the best part is we got to see him wiggle his little fingers already!

03 May 2009

Smurf's up

So the little guy is doing well. We're officially over the hump with the casts right now with yesterday being the halfway point. We've got an appointment a week from Wednesday with Dr. Leonard to help us peel off the casts, then the fun of all the dressing changes begins. He's been doing surprisingly well to us, crabby a fair amount, but much less than we thought. It's just been hard to decipher what his cries are meaning these days for Rachel, for me its no different. She could usually tell what he wanted by the way he cried. Me not so much. I always have my checklist of is he wet/dirty dip, is he hot/cold, is he hungry, and one of those usually takes care of things.

In other news I cleaned 3/4's of our basement yesterday. I've been helping my neighbor remodel their den into a future nursery for their son they are expecting and needed to make room for the cedar paneling we took down last weekend that I will eventually be using when I finish off a portion of our basement as a playroom / media theater. Its amazing how much space a little organization brings.

Rachel and I went to the Opera today and saw the Fliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman) while grandma H watched the little smurf. I enjoyed it since it was sung in German and I got to flex my memory of the language from HS and college. We got to go backstage and see the set and all. I love getting to see that extra bit to see how its all done. It was a nice break, but its back to work again tomorrow.