29 March 2009

Pix Galore!

So yeah here's the bi monthly photo upload! This installment includes such wonderful events as Isaiah posing for bodybuilder magazine, Isaiah's first snowfall, Isaiah watching hockey, Isaiah visiting Disney World, Isaiah in the 'tub', Isaiah and the nebulizer, and much much more! There are 100+ photos to enjoy when you've got the time.


27 March 2009

Doing Better and other good news

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. The good news is we haven't been back to the ER, the bad news is when Rachel took him into see our pediatrician on Monday she discovered Isaiah had dual ear infections on top of his other maladies. For a couple of days there he was on 8 medications. We're down to 5 now including his nebulizer treatments. He's doing better but still has the occasional coughing spell and is vomiting once in awhile.

In development news he fully flipped over on his own finally and didn't like it one bit. He hates his tummy time since his hands are so sensitive, but for the last month he's been hanging out on his side a bunch more so we knew it was only a matter of time before he would make it all the way over. He's a bit delayed in doing this compared to an average kid, but much of it has to do with his hands sensitivity and the pain/discomfort being reason enough not to try to do it on his own earlier.

Speaking of his hands, we just found out from Dr Fearon's office that our insurance has accepted him as an in network provider for minimally the first stage of finger separation. They're still working on getting Medical City in Dallas contracted in too, but its looking good for having the vast majority of his finger separations covered as in network. Currently we're scheduled for surgery on April 21 which is less than a month away!

22 March 2009

back home, almost

So we're back home in atlanta, but we haven't made it home yet. After a day or so of getting slightly better he threw up multiple times on Rachel in the car and had something like 6 runny diapers so we went straight to Children's in Atl to have him looked at again. We've had a respiratory treatment already and are waiting on the chest xray results. Everything Friday in Orlando came up negative for anything specific other than just an upper respiratory infection. Its probably the same thing here, but we were worried about him being dehydrated with everything coming out of all his orafices. He'll be okay, we just figured we couldn't wait until tomorrow to get him into the pediatrician who would probably just send us to the ER for a chest x ray anyways.

20 March 2009

Orlando Day 4 / 5

Day 4… Magic Kingdom part two. After our late morning trying to make sure Isaiah was hydrated and well rested we got to the park around 1pm and met up with Grandma Kolis and Aunt Becca in Tomorrowland. We rode a few rides, he enjoyed It’s a Small World and tolerated Peter Pan, but while in line for Peter Pan, only little more than an hour and a half into our visit he was already getting crabby. We walked back to the other side of Fantasyland and got some ice pops to let him have some down time in the stroller and wait for our fast passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride. Just before we boarded the ride he spit up right down Rachel’s shirt. He was really warm and since Rachel felt pretty gross, (which is understandable) we left the park around 5. He slept the monorail ride back to the car and most of the way back to the condo. When we got him home we were worried he was suffering from heat stroke since his whole body was hot and his heart was beating crazy fast. We stripped him down to the diaper and did the whole cold compress thing, gave him a room temperature bath which helped some, but his head and armpits were still really warm. I ended up running out to Walmart to pick up a thermometer and some baby Tylenol. He was elevated to 99.6 but not full on fever. He threw up again and started to get a bit of a cough. He was still able to cry and wet his diaper so we knew he didn’t have heat stroke. The Tylenol helped some and he was able to sleep most of the way through the night. The morning of day 5 (today) he woke up at 6 crying pretty good, as hot as ever. He still had a wet diaper, which was good, but when we took his temp this morning he had a temp of 101.1. We gave him some more Tylenol and packed up for a nice trip to the ER. So here we are now sitting in the hospital waiting for the results of his RSV test and a chest x-ray to make sure it isn’t something more serious than a little virus. We’re a bit worried since tomorrow is the one month cutoff before his scheduled hand surgery that he can’t be sick during.
Some vacation eh? Its alright. I’m bummed we’re not at the parks today, but his health is way more important than seeing all of Disney. We’re supposed to see some of my extended family tomorrow, but we may not be if he’s admitted to the hospital here or if it’s serious enough to warrant us to drive home today or tomorrow. Anyways, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

19 March 2009

Orlando Day 3

So day three… This was our supposed slow day since it was just the three of us since Becca and my Mom were swimming with the dolphins. We took our time in the morning and got to the Magic Kingdom around 11am. He was still pretty pooped and slept the whole way into the park and halfway through his first ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean. He finally woke up at the little flume ride down to the pirate battle since all the sudden there was a rush of air and a little mist of water from the boat. He didn’t freak out or anything, but kept nodding off during the ride. We then went next door to the Jungle Cruise which was alright, but he was already getting crabby and had a little fit on the boat thanks to me trying to clean some boogies from his nose. We could tell today was going to be a bit of a battle.
We took it slow from there and tried to go on the Haunted Mansion after a leisurely walk, but the ride broke down while we were in line. We went back to the stroller and he promptly fell back asleep so we decided to let him sleep and walked around to window shop a bit. We couldn’t pass up some Mickey ears though which we got embroidered with his name on the back. We walked all the way back down Main Street before he woke up so we decided to try and hit up the Haunted Mansion again. This was a mistake. He was so so in line and went ballistic about halfway through the ride. We probably should have known better, but the combo of dark and loud and crabby baby did not work out so well. We were going to try to hit It’s a small world before leaving since the afternoon parade was blocking our path out, but he was having none of that either so we pushed our way through the crowd and out of the park by 4pm.
We were home just before 5 and he slept a good amount and we watched a bit of Finding Nemo before my Mom and Becca took over so Rachel and I could have a bit of a date night. We went back to the Magic Kingdom and got to ride a few more rides, see the fireworks and the Spectromagic parade and have a good time by ourselves before heading back to the condo.
Apparently Izzy was out by 8pm, we got back around 11:30 and he decided he wanted to wake up at 3am because he was super stuffy. We were up for a couple hours before Rachel was able to get him back to sleep so we’re a bit tired this morning.
Day four is starting a bit late since its already noon and were still here. We figured we’d give him some more rest before heading out again and he’s sleeping on Rachel’s lap right now snoring away. When he wakes we’ll probably try to hit up the other half of the Magic Kingdom and meet up with my Mom and Becca.

17 March 2009

Orlando Day 2a

Oh I forgot to mention this was also his 8month birthday so we celebrated both St Patty's day and Isaiah turning 8 months! Yeah!

Orlando Day 2

We did pretty good today. More than I thought we would. We went to EPCOT today and had a few more firsts. Half the park is Future World and the other half is the World Showcase. We got to the park around 10:30 and after grabbing some fast passes for the Test Track ride we went to Mexico and Isaiah had his first boat ride and helped find Donald Duck in the ride. He liked that alot so we went next door to Norway to ride the Maelstrom. This too was a boat ride, but a bit more adventurous than Mexico's lazy river like ride. There are some trolls, a portion where you go down a hill backwards and then down a much bigger hill to the end. We were a bit worried but he was laughing all the way down the hill. So that we consider his first 'thrill' ride.

We continued around the World stopping in China, Germany, Italy, and Japan. We stopped for lunch in Morroco and Becca and Grandma K went to France for lunch. We then went on to England and Canada before heading back to Future World. I wish I was lucky enough to travel as much as he has at such a young age!

We also rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends and he LOVED that ride. He's got a little fish thing that plays music in his crib that has a little fish that looks like Nemo and he may be linking the two. Anyways it appears that he really loves Nemo because there was a toy he really loved of him that Rachel found in a gift shop later in the afternoon. He got a bit fussy and we left the park right at 5 since we were going to visit some of Rachel's family that lives here.

We visited her Aunt Sandy and her husband Chuck as well as Rachel's Aunt Rhonda and her son Alex. It was great to see family and Isaiah was super bubbly and giggly there which was suprising since he had a meltdown only an hour earlier. It was both my and Isaiah's first time meeting everyone there so it was good to meet more family. This Saturday he gets to meet my Uncle Bob and Aunt Connie and maybe my cousin Dave and his kids since they live a bit aways away in Naples, FL but I think we'll meet them halfway.

We accomplished a lot today and I think we'll take it a bit slower tomorrow to give us all a bit of a rest!

16 March 2009

orlando day 1

We've nearly finished our first full day here in ORL. It was fun but tiring. We did have a happy suprise tonight though. We just watched 3 different parks' closing fireworks from the screened in porch at my Mom's time share while Isaiah slept on Mommy's lap.

Today was filled with a lot of firsts for Isaiah. It was his first Disney experience, his first theather show, his first parade, his first eating solids not in his high chair at home, and his first swim in a pool. We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and while we didn't get to ride a ton of rides it was still fun. We went on the Safari, and while my sister Becca and I waited to ride the Everest Rollercoaster, Grandma Kolis and Rachel took him to see the Lion King musical which I'm told he started dancing alot too and enjoyed very much. We stuck around for the parade which he fought to stay awake through (though he did flirt with Minnie a bit by giving her a big smile) and fed him in the park just before leaving the park at 5ish. He was beat and we figured it was best to not burn him out the first day here, especially since it was 85-90 most of the day I think.

My Mom and Becca went back to the parks and Rachel and I took Isaiah swimming here at the resort. It was a shallow pool but Rachel and I think we've got a little Micheal Phelps on our hands (minus the drugs) because he was kicking a fair amount on his own and seemed to enjoy it. I think our biggest challenge was keeping him from trying to drink the water. We then came back to the condo and gave him a bath in the only tub in the condo, the jacuzzi. We didn't turn on the jets or anything just filled up this 5 foot by 5 foot tub with a couple of inches of water and kept our suits on to give him a bath. I've got some funny pictures we'll post them when we get back.

Tomorrow we're going to EPCOT and to see Rachel's Aunt Sandy and Uncle Chuck who live here and Wednesday we may day trip over to Cocoa Beach to hit up the ocean if he's up for it.

More to come!

02 March 2009

Budget Crunch

So our wallets just got a bit tighter. I'm sure everyone is feeling the pinch these days, but we got hit pretty good today. My work had their third round of layoffs, and while I am still very very lucky to have my job, other cost cutting measures were necessary to help keep the company afloat. The biggest one affecting our pocketbook is that we are now 100% responsible for our health care premium. For most people in our office its not too bad, for us its a little different since I'm fairly certain having a special needs child has a negative affect on your rates. I'll now have $560 taken out per month (pre tax at least). We can offset it somewhat with eliminating my 401K contribution temporarily, but there's still almost a $350 difference in income. Plus Rachel will probably be off her long term disability very soon which means the old wallet will take another hit. We're okay for now, but long term it doesn't look that great if something doesn't turn around in the next few months. The Disney trip wouldn't be possible if my Mom wasn't partially funding it, and while I know we should probably cut it, we really need the vacation for ourselves and our sanity right now, plus its always good to see my family since they're not close by. Overall I'm just happy I still have a job, just bummed about seeing many of my friends go, and the drama of the ever tightening budget.