09 November 2010

Dallas Annual Check-up

Sorry about the lack of posts until this morning about this, but I don't like writing about our travels on our blog until we're close to being home again so we're not advertising to the world wide web our home is empty and waiting to be robbed. Am I paranoid? Probably, but I feel better anyways.

Anyways, if you didn't know, we're on the return leg of a whirlwind trip to Dallas, TX for Isaiah's annual check up with Dr. Fearon, the guy that gave him his fingers, toes, and his latest cranial vault. We did all we could in Atlanta first (sleep study, MRI) and really only had a half hr appointment with the good doctor for him to look everything over and physically see Isaiah and feel his head, but the news we got in that half hour was great! Isaiah's MRI looked good for lack of Intra Cranial Pressure (ICP) and his sleep study which is looking for sleep apnea, while slightly elevated for a normal child, was not too bad for a kiddo with Apert. We need another sleep study in June of next year, and the eye doctors to keep watch on his Optic nerves and us to look for any other signs of ICP, but if all goes well, we don't have to go back to Dallas for 18 months!!!

There are some other fun updates to come about the rest of our trip which I'll get to later this week.

Furnace Update

Furnacegate 2010 has been resolved, sort of. We ended up replacing just the furnace / air handler for now, which was the part of the system that could have killed us with its lovely spewing CO2. We'll deal with the AC later, and apparently it looks more repairable than originally thought. Still furnaces aren't cheap and ended up being around $3500. Luckily they had a financing deal available so we have a little more time to pay it off than trying to scramble for $3500 we don't have. It was actually installed last week, and man the difference between the old and new is amazing! I guess furnace technology has changed a bunch in 18 years!