25 March 2017

Day 2: Recovery

Last night I went back to the hotel with Aunt Rebecca and Elena while Rachel stayed in the PICU with Isaiah. We're trying to rotate so one of us gets a good nights sleep at least.  He was awake more overnight.  Apparently Rachel said there was one time he woke up long enough to say 'My head hurts' and went promptly back to sleep.  Mostly he was up briefly to moan or whimper since I can't even imagine the pain he's probably in.  There was a steady stream of Minion movies, Wall-E, and other disney flicks on the tv all night long.

The orange things in his nose are the nasal trumpet
 He also apparently coughed out a pretty big blood clot about the size of a golf ball that required a good amount of clean up.  Not fun sounding, but its good he was able to cough it out since its not something they probably could have suctioned out.  After that his airways were more open and his blood oxygen levels stayed much higher.  He's been on some good pain meds too, but hasn't needed Precedex yet.

He still has nasal trumpets in and gets suctioned pretty regularly to get all the fluids out of his nose, mouth and throat as there's still a ton of drainage and what not with all they've done in that area.  He really doesn't like the nasal trumpets and has been scrunching his nose repeatedly , but they're needed to keep his nasal passages open with the swelling and for suction until the oozing stops.

This morning he's been even more aware of everything and has been able to move around a bit.  We got up out of bed and took about 4 steps bearing his own weight and moved to a chair.  He's still getting used to the added weight of the RED device but is able to hold his head up on his own for the short bits of time we've tried so far.  The device is fairly light, but I know when I get new glasses the ounce or so difference is weird for a while and this is way more than an ounce of difference.

All in all recovery is going good. We're waiting to see Dr. Fearon and do the first turn of the screws and figure out when we move to the regular pediatric floor.
In the chair watching Frozen

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Peter Wood said...

I cannot imagine how he is feeling! But as I watch from afar, I pray for the little guy to recover quickly!