24 March 2017

Recovering in the PICU

We're in the PICU with him now.  He's not waking up much and we need to make sure he does more soon.  He's got nasal trumpets, a feeding tube, suction tubes in his mouth and all sorts of other goodness going on right now in addition to the RED device  (the big purple thing on his face)

I'm going to try to put all the pics behind the jump, so skip over if you're a little squeamish. If you want to see pics click 'read more'

A lot going on.  Everything but the purple halo and the metal bar in front will be coming off in the next few days

straight on shot - still sleeping.  right now swelling is keeping his right eye from closing

Profile shot - already a huge difference and we haven't even started turning the screws yet!


Malia said...

So many prayers! Prayers of gratitude that surgery is went well, and prayers for the recovery 🙏🏻

-The Lehnertz family

Christine Jarratt said...
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Christine Jarratt said...

Still praying for you guys!! So glad it went well!!