26 March 2017

Recovery: Day 3 am

Another night in the PICU, hopefully moving to the floor later this morning if all goes well.  He's got a feeding tube in his nose that they've been doing med and feedings through since the IV failed yesterday afternoon.  His hand is still a bit swollen, but not nearly as bad as before.  We've gotten up to use the bathroom a couple times since they removed the foley.  As Olaf says 'All good things, all good things'.  Rachel stayed the night again as I've been close to losing it emotionally the last day or so.  I felt like there was too much movement in his midface when he was scrunching his nose with the nasal trumpets in.  He would scrunch and his whole midface would move like 3/4 of an inch and make this crunching / clicking noise.  I first thought it was the sound of his bones hitting, but realized later it was the dental splint.  It just gave me the shivers and I'd start flapping.  I just don't do well with blood and all this stuff but surgeries like this are slowly steeling me up.  I was up crying and praying much of the night and know that everyone else's prayers are lifting him up as well.

This morning when I got into the PICU he was laying on his side and has been pretty responsive and talkative.  He'll sit up on his own and tried to get out of bed on his own really quickly but he's still getting used to the new center of gravity so it worrried us some when he snaps himself up.  We went for another quick walk around about half of the PICU and when we got back he tried to jump back into the bed face first.  I about had a heart attack, but it shows he's getting a bit more comfortable about the RED being on his face.  We just went for a PICU tour in the wagon and it sounds like they're readying a room on the floor for him once we get the all clear from the doc.
Energetic enough to play iPad

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