25 March 2017

Prayers in the PICU

Little man is in a ton of pain right now so prayers are still very much  appreciated.   As he's more and more aware of everything around him and on him and his cries of pain and frustration are getting louder and more frequent. It kills me to see him like this and I wish I could take it away.

He grunted in anger at Dr Fearon when he saw him before lunch when he showed us how to turn the screws on the RED. Apparently he's done really well since he didn't need a transfusion and around me 75% of kiddos getting this surgery need one. He's already gotten up and walked about a quarter of the PICU and we've started feeds through a feeding tube.

Right after they took his arterial line out his other iv started failing and his left arm and hand swelled up and turned purple. They had to remove the iv and his hand is back to its normal color but we're still waiting for the fluid in his arms to dissipate but it's definitely getting better slowly.

Everything went so well yesterday but we knew there would be days like this.

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