29 March 2017

Recovery Day 5 pm

Pretty good day all things considered.  We ate some of our first solids, and he's been steadily drinking milk from a hair dye bottle.  He won't do pediasure in the bottles yet so we've still kept the feeding tube in yet to do meds and supplemental feedings of pediasure.   Its getting better but we need him to east more on his own through his mouth.

The feeding tube is not something we were prepared for dealing with, but its making the pain meds way easier to do right now since he usually gags and throws up from the sweetness of the children's motrin/tylenols.  That should hopefully make the trip home a little easier tomorrow.
He likes to hold the front bar when sleeping

He has been sleeping a ton as I'm sure his body is jsut beat down trying to recover, but really doesn't seem to be in much pain at all and his swelling almost seems negligible compared to the Cranial Vault Reconstructions (CVR).  He is having difficulty somewhat getting comfy laying in bed on his sides or laying down to watch his iPad.  He's already used the front bar of the RED to hold up his iPad so that's one thing he does 'like' about it.  I've noticed him holding on to the front vertical bar while sleeping a few times.  He used to throw his hands or arm across his eyes, so maybe this is as close as he can get right now,

Tonight my cousin Angela came to visit.  She's actually a pediatrician here in Plano, TX and we've stayed with her in the past when we just have appointments, but her house is just a bit too far for when we have the major surgeries, especially with Dallas' upredictable traffic that's so similar to Atlanta.  Its always good to see family and catch up. We also met the Clarks who are another Apert family from Ohio.  Their daughter Haylee is supposed to be having the same procedure done on Thursday, but they've run into a problem with how their insurance initially coded something and are in jeopardy of having to delay the surgery.  Please send some prayers their way that everything gets resolved in time for the surgery to take place this week and that her surgery and recovery go as well as Isaiah's has so far.

Lastly I have to send out a big thank you to my sister Rebecca for taking time off and flying down from Minnesota to help us with the baby and everything while we're preoccupied with Isaiah.  Its been wonderful having family here the whole time, and she's done so much.  Considering all the typical stupid and mean things I did as a big brother growing up its great to know we can rely on each other for help when we need it.

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Malia said...

It's wonderful to have family help out. So glad you were able to get help with the kids! Prayers for a speedy recovery 😊

-Malia and Mat